Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fung My Shui ...

After reading the headline, either you are laughing already, or you didn't get the joke. The headline is mimicking the often used phrase Kxxx My Axx.

I know I will offend and ridicule a lot of readers, especially for an Asia based blog. I did my fair share of introspection into FS in the past, and found that most of the bs is bs, and some of the sounder ideas were basically common sense. Digging deeper, FS only took on a new life over the last 100 years or so, sort of something that was invented due to necessity, a lot like accounting. The only record of FS and its application a few hundred years ago was due to being used to position burial sites. Somehow, that grew in the number of bull shitters into various tangents, with the appearance of different schools of thought.
FS in particular is easy to flourish in the Chinese culture because there is no need for verification. Almost everything is based on presumptions, inventions and airy fairy stuff. If there was no compass, I think all FS masters would not exist. You can then extend the compass into a more complex lo pan, how... just name the quadrants and spaces with innovative ideas.

What's the deal with various animal years? How did
fan tai shui came about? Did anybody care to check? 99% of ideas are from hearsay, from white bearded gurus, mostly self proclaiming proselytizers, mainly self-promoters. Many would be effective politicians as the better ones are usually charismatic, good oraters and persuasive snake charmers - not exactly a benchmark for solid stuff. Successful FS masters would also probably succeed in the political field or as a management consultant - all able to turn bs into a fine art.

FS easily flourished in a Chinese culture because the culture accepts almost everything that comes along the way, especially things handed down from generations past, with no questioning of the validity side of things. You can have many gods, demi-gods, semi-gods, super duper dead heroes being elevated to sainthood, purveyors of various areas of business sectors, and even every section of the house - who is to know that they dissect the otherworld and spiritual world into such compact and organised structure. C'mon, they do a much better job than Lord of The Rings or Harry Potter, but they are mainly fiction.

FS also succeeds in Chinese culture because there is really a very vague understanding of after life - anything goes. There is no main god and religion is wishy-washy. Taosim is neither here nor there. The culture can accept bits of Taoism, multi level gods and bits of Buddhism without ever anyone questioning why. All cultures will try to explain their fate and destiny. When there is no strong religion as a backdrop, cultural ways dominate. Nobody likes to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for their actions - they all want to evade bad luck and put failures or bad experiences down to other reasons other than themselves. FS serves that purpose very nicely. You did not lose that job because there was no water feature in your East area of your office - you probably fucked up, but that is much harder to swallow. When you want to ascribe things to blame on or rely on the supernatural to move ahead in life, you are unlikely to experience personal growth and probably lack application in life
- don't be a lazy whiny bastard.

FS masters also know how to protect theselves to explain the unanswerables. They often cite the "grand rule": yat mange, yee wharn, sarm fung shui ... or loosely translated: number one is llife destiny you are born with, number two is the luck you are born with, then number three fung shui ... Which means if your life does not improve even after doing this and that according to fung shui, well tough-titties. What a wonderful thing to be involved in, no one can say you got it wrong. People who seek out FS tend to be at wit's end in coming terms with their problems: be it financial problems, bad bosses, career stagnating, argumentative household, philandering husbands, back-stabbing friends, etc. Well, we need to deal with the problems straight up: lose your a-hole friends, geld your husband (he's a prick), move to a new job, examine your effective contribution in your work, communicate with your family members better (be a friend not only a parent), etc. These common problems are a result of more deep-seated issues which some of us are unwilling to face up to or try to solve.

People will cite the Lamborghini with the good luck number plate, and cite the huge sums rich people dole out for FS readings. Errr ..., they had to build their wealth first ... I don't think there was a tycoon who got rich by positioning a fucking water feature in their garden, and said the rest was history!!! Rich people will use FS more as it is better to be safe than sorry, a wealth protection insurance - hey, go buy a huge annuity, its much better.

What about those lucky bastards born with a golden spoon and never having to raise a finger in their life, and they are useless dim witted fools at the same time? Why are you not Li Ka Shing's son or daughter? There are many unanswerables in the world, but FS is definitely not the answer. Live your life as well as you can, take responsibility for your own actions, spend time to discover your spiritual side, explore religions, take ultimate care of your soul as best you can. I was moved to write on this because I read a FS guru's prediction for 2008: "... advisable to invest in a good burglar system, be careful when you carry cash ..." C'mon!!! I can also add: "don't fuck your best friend's wife" ... what's the difference??!! More from the guru: "... avoid herd mentality and stick to fundamentals ..." and may I add, your mother is probably a woman.


xatomic said...

Haha I couldnt agree with you more. Education and the wealth of knowledge on the Internet has made me increasingly sceptical and beginning to question customs. We Chinese are one hell of the most superstitious lot

The most BS thing is probably burning things for the dead. There are probably 100 reasons why I think it doesnt make any sense at all..For a start, god don't the rules of economics work down there? (if it even exists) Infinite money supply and still expect hell money to have value? hah

and our famed Feng Shui businesswoman in Msia still manage to expand and maintain the business. IPO soon? :)

zentrader said...

Not sure BS or not but they said Uncle Lim got 8 Feng Shui Master to sort thing out for him :)

LKY I think also have one Feng Shui Monk ... :)

They said our PM also got one based in Penang ... :)

Salvatore_Dali said...


like i said, they did it for pragmatic reasons, wealth protection and maybe design issues...

do u think LKY would be NOT SUCCESSFUL without the FS monk? u can put LKY in Langkawi or HK or NZ n he would have made a dramatic change.. FS is for asthetics

same for PM, where were the FS when they were building their career,... to me FS masters are pricey like latour 62 and just as unecessary ... you won't be having one when you are building your career... you got rich... then you indulge in superflous stuff like fine wine and bad FS masters

Salvatore_Dali said...

as for genting, pls la... gamblers will say they LOST becos uncle lim placed the door entrance in a certain degree, and the building looks like a claw trapping them... u know what you fucking gamblers are entering the casinos (with or without yr red underwear) yrself, you ARE BOUND TO LOSE cause mathematically u will... its a casino, early casinos in vegas without FS design ALSO same result... just the fact that they r trendy and I am sure the 2 IRs will use FS consultants does not legitimise them... its a CASINO, its yr own fault u lose money..

geoff said...

Well, Dali, for once i'll disagree with you on this one. I think FS was invented not 100 years ago but way way back. It is the chinese way of harmonising human with nature. to me, it is a lot more to do with science than superstitious. There is no way to verify by using the western scientific way. it is a chinese way of life. just like chi in kung fu or qigong. U cannot scientifically prove it but it exists. I think the common misconception with modern fs is that ppl thinks that it is a one stop solution to all their problems. Also there are too many unqualified masters out there (see the similarity with investment advises?).

zentrader said...

The 'Chi' was tested scientifically by western researcher I think the conclusion was that the Kung Fu monk really can control the flow of chi.

In the same Discovery Series it said that the way they controlled the chi and then the release of the energy, it was calculated to be the power of a shotgun so don't play play with those shaolin monk :)

Long said...

While I agree most of the facts you posted, but for this one, I think to some extend, you might not get it correctly.

You seemed to put too much blame of chinese culture 'believe' into FS. Which means, you didn't really know the true knowledge or arts of FS.

Mind you, animal years and fan-tai-shui believe are nothing to do with FS. You are right in saying there are really a lot of bull-shitter around who make living in FS by misleading its value to accustome market demand.

And because of this many ppl have got wrong impression of FS, where unfortunately, including you.

If you want to know the root of FS, go for 'yi jing'. The fundamentals, not the god, semi-god or whatever incorrect believe that polluted by business world today.

Salvatore_Dali said...


i believe in the chi, i belive in hei kung ... don't get me wrong... i also believe in ghosts, spirits and voodoo ... just becos something has been around for 3,500 years does not mean its valid.... certain witchcraft and God's Sticks have been around also for even longer ... no empirical evidence la...

I put up so many points, you all just never attack them but stick onto yr views like a religious zeaLOT... c'mon , do better.

Salvatore_Dali said...


accussing someone of not knowing the true art form of FS, is in itself BS ... its like accussingsomeone who did not embrace Christianity as not knowing the full true way of Christianity... everyone bloody school of thot will say theirs is the way... by saying its fundamentals of FS does not make them more correct..., like I said, some of the stuff are just common sense

LOOK at the bloody property mkts in HK and Singapore, face here face there, but when property mktsa are bad , you face backside also no use... aha, the FS master will say cannot evade tei wan (land luck) even though you did all the FS precautions ... how to fight against the NEVER CAN BE WRONG FUCKERS

Salvatore_Dali said...

geoff n zen,

like i said, i believe in the chi n hei kung.... harnessing it should not cost 10,000 ringgit per reading session...
do you think i am helping ppl to harness better wealth understanding and wealth accumulation ... well, i didn't charge any fuckers 10,000 ringgit per session... the whole shebang just smacks of overkill and over zealous money making, turning the entire thing into a long drawn out scam... yes there is chi, here go harness it, thanks goodbye... dont make it out to be something that needs 25 years of studying and white bear gurus here and there, making the art so secretive... that only the chosen ones can know the secrets, please...

Roden said...

FS at least has more than 500 years, in the ancient time, the selection of building town or capital all base on FS, that fit to harmonize the mankind and environment, they become chief planner for the townhall. That definitely has unqualified FS master in the market, those really good one keep very low profile. We have to learn the fundenmental FS before we heard their interpretation, just ignore those guru comment or prediction on next year, that are general statement, sure correct, just like Dali said your mother probably is woman, hahaha...if someone really not believe FS, let try to whack your ancestor tomb then simply build again, or challenge FS, choose the lousy date and time to bury your ancestor, then see what would happen. good FS master keep need not publishing book, articles or sell those funny "toy", got to understand that is just business and supply to general need. One of the FS master told me, they would not "disclose" their skill or secret on book, those already disclose are really insignificant. FS can help people and lead someone into disaster, this is the knowledge pass down from ancient, some said it doesn't make sense, but I said probably we just not enough knowledge to understand it and no time to understand it. Just beware, a lot of unorthedox FS master taking advantage on people when they believe them.

Salvatore_Dali said...


fair comment...

zentrader n geoff,

i think we all made some points for both sides ... can go on arguing till cown really knock on our doors, so just let it slide... to each his own, since we have all said what we wanted. Tks for a nice

sickput said...

Thank you for the write up on feng shui. i will have to look for a new profession now as previously, I used to "chase" bad luck from pretty lady investors who lost money in the market.
best way to get ladies plus cash for doing something you really like.
Due to mu skill, needless to say, there were very few repeat customers.
After your comment, I doubt there will be many who will fall for my scam.

oceanblue said...

I think you should read up more on FS before you comment. And I also think that you are against those so-called "modern FS master" than FS itself.
As for burning "paper maney" for the dead, do you really think it is for the dead? It is more for those who alive, who give (burn) the money, to feel better psychologically!

Salvatore_Dali said...


am i an expert , no... have i read up on FS, yes... but probably not. ARE YOU TELLING ME I NEED TO GET A DEGREE IN FS before I can comment? Then nobody in the world can say anything to anyone. If your wife scold you for being lazy.. you can always say to your wife you need to read up more on me and why I am lazy before calling me lazy. Your defence comes up again and again by those who defend FS, because every one thinks they aree THE ONLY ONES practising the ONE TRUE WAY... how many ONE TRUE WAYS are there?

Its an inexact science that is near impossible to prove wrong, hence it will flourish and the ones with the best argument or most persuasive arguments will get more followers.

Think first, why study FS? For greedy reasons? Look at the FS masters ... they are also greedy bastards. I am not against people being greedy, but if its a NOBLE ART form and helps people to harness chi, why the excessive monetary compensations? Compare HEI KUNG with FS, there are many true masters of HEI KUNG and it works empirically speaking - but you dont see the master charging 5,000 for a training session... the ends justify the means?

The shameless amount of money bandied around taints the whole bloody thing.

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