Monday, December 17, 2007

Dan Fogelberg

My karaoke sessions will never be the same. The quite brilliant Dan Fogelberg who has written & sung classics such as Longer, Same Auld Lang Syne, Run For The Roses, Leader of The Band, etc. has passed away yesterday after losing the battle with prostate cancer. Loved his songs, loved his intimate country singing tone. His personal and heartfelt lyrics - a beautiful soul. He was only 56, too soon, too young. Plus, he was a damn good looking guy too. One person said: If ever there was an appropriate time for a grown man to cry, this is it.

Live unplugged, Leader Of The Band:

Live, Same Auld Lang Syne, about old loves and memories:

p/s OMG, one of my friends just commented to me that I sounded "gayish" just by the things I wrote above ... rereading it, oh no... it does sound gayish ... sigh... so what... so be it

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