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Charity & Good Charity!
An Important Diversion

There is charity and there is good charity - hmmm ... Good Charity, sounds like a wonderful name for a horse. There are those that say that any charity is good. Are you one of those who draw a line between certain causes, that they have to be deserving enough first? If an able man in his 30s were to beg for coins, is that deserving? Or a one-legged man in his 60s more deserving?

Why does it have to be that we "mark people and causes" for charity? Because we have limited funds? When people find out that they have been cheated by certain causes or people pretending to be beggars - are you pissed off? But why ... why should any of us be pissed off??
Why bother being charitable in the first place? Is it the reputation, or does the act itself makes you feel good?

Some say that it does not matter what your motivations are, as long as there are donated funds. Charity is charity, whether you are donating to enhance your reputation, or because there are others who will see you in a different light, or you are just a kind soul - all funds into charity are good funds.

Our own persuasions and motivations will be dealt with by some higher forces, its not for us to make the calls or prejudge.
While any charity is good, we can and should aspire to higher grounds. Just give, out of the goodness of your soul - do not be bothered if that beggar deserves it, do not qualify your charity - do your parents love you only if you behave in a certain way? Even if the unfortunate soul were to be only pretending, its OK ... we have to think "what if he's not", and not be overly pessimistic.

Just remember the goodness that comes to each of us when we ourselves are down, and when we don't really deserve kindness.
Be a channel of goodness, not a guarded hoarder. There are billions of misdeeds in the world that needs correcting - we are not supposed to do all ... Bloom Where You Are Planted ... charity and goodness does not mean to strangers only, but first to the friends and family ... its absurd if we were to treat strangers better than the ones we love.

But anyway, back to Good Charity ... the affluent Hong Kong Jockey Club has decided to create 2,500 new jobs in the troubled area of Tin Shui Wai in HK.
The Hong Kong Jockey Club announced that it would complement its new telebet centre with training and volunteer services and set up the "HKJC Telebet Centre cum Volunteers and Training Centre" in Tin Shui Wai. It is hoped that the new centre will help revitalise Tin Shui Wai and gradually give local residents a chance to establish new community networks. HKJC's 800-strong C.A.R.E.@hkjc volunteer team would set up a base at the new Centre, and the new workforce at Tin Shui Wai centre would in due course join the volunteer team themselves. HKJC said "We believe that volunteer work is a part of holistic people development, and our ultimate aim is to form a strong volunteer force in the district to promote the spirit of helping others to become self-sustaining ... We hope this task force can help other needy people through their own experience, so as to promote community care and ensure a self-sustaining, harmonious and proactive life for everyone."

For those in the dark, Tin Shui Wai is a depressed area populated by the working class mainly. There is also a substantial proportion of people living there who are the newer migrants. Livelihood has been affected because of more than frequent family tragedies and people finding it hard to make ends meet. The prevailing mood and reputation caused many to "blacklist" the area and the people living there as "unfortunate, unlucky, depressing, down-trodden..."

Hence I applaud HKJC's move as it was very swift and prompt. Its good when "charity" can do a more "effective good", but that is not Good Charity, that's effective Charity. Good Charity are any acts that comes from the goodness of your hearts, with no expectation of reward. Of course charity is not just in monetary terms. Don't know why, but its probably just the time of the year to talk about these things. Writing a business blog can sometimes cloud our ways and motivations to certain objectives & life's drection - good to be reminded.
Happy birthday J-man!


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