Monday, September 29, 2014

Threes & Tees

I heard good things about a tee shirt design and printing outfit in KL. There are plenty of places that do that. Hence it takes a lot of soul searching to even try to compete in this arena. Ordered a few tees a few weeks back online. Very good customer service and they made sure I was informed every step of the way. End product - well, I think they sourced the best material for tees because the tees feel like the most comfy I have ever worn in my life, and I have worn a lot of tees.

A couple days after, I decided to put in my own design ... again great customer service. Showed me the design template before going ahead. Very satisfied customer here.

(p/s I do not know the owners, ... no fees, no freebie, no nothing from them...)

Give them a go:

My own designed tees.... "egalite" is my favourite word in the world, somehow pronouncing it in French makes a whole world of difference to the oft used and overused "equal or equality". The other one is me and my own wicked thoughts.

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