Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gutter Food Fail Blog

This blog was quite happening a couple of years back then went quiet, and now they are back. The blog has a group of contributors who will blog about places they have eaten and the food/service/decor/dining experience had been PATHETIC. The quirky part is that they write in Malaysian broken English but still recognisable with a plethora of Cantonese foul language - its sooo funny. Their England also must be pretty good to write in such a sing song talk cock way - great effort guys/gals.

My recent favourite posting of theirs was when they reviewed the faddish Boat Noodle ... damn funny, and I think they are just being realistic and not just ketuk for ketuk's sake.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Thai Boat Noodle in Jaya One Is Not For Human Eats One

Hi Children
I see people many in fesbook post about Boat Noodle, so I wented to try in the nearest outlet, in PJ Jaya One.  I oso see many people stack many bowls on top, thinking wah, these people manyak fatso eated alot one. So being a big eater myself, i go try la.
Place ok la, many people. Is located same floor as Cold Storage.
RM1.90 per bowl, wah i think is so cheap, no wonder many people go order.
But this Jaya One outlet has no dry nodle, so dont put yr hopes high if you wan eated dry one. 
So i order the chikan and beef kwoay teow to try try. 

 TUNA MA FU LAT.... They come gip me this KIDDIE BOWL???

to see how small is small, see pic above. See how small you see? you see??? i tell you, you seee!!!
I normally don't curse one infront of children, but this one die die also must kasi kurse.
See the pic above? Thats just ngam ngam for ONE SPOON FULL of kwoay teow!!!! How eat??? You tell me??? No wonder people order damn lot of bowls! Imagine if i eated 10 spoons only full, that will be RM19 already! Somemore only one spoon, even children also eat like no eat liddat!!!
Somemore is COLD! You know why cold? Because to cater for many bowls, they make many bowls before hand, and waiter standing waiting for cook pour soup and boil nodles, bowl by bowl, until when reachness you, its cold! 
I eated this cold Kwoay Teow at night I sleep i macam pei gwai teow!!! Very sucks.
 see? this pic i curik from their FB and i purposely don wan kasi credit link coz i tulan.
Then got one fella eated more than 60 bowls.
Again, pic curik and no kasi kredit, u blow?
66 bowls amounts to RM125.40!!! Siao ar??!!!
See, children, aunty give you some lesson....
History say thai people on boats serve nodle not so many, sked burn thumb since boat always goyang goyang coz got water below, so put small amount... ok...BUT NOT THAT SMALL LA!!! And since its COLD... burn matt chatt also kenot la!
You go thailand you see they put so small amount? Somemore restoran in thailand serve more leh..
this one i curik from gwai lou blog, later kasi kredit coz he make aunty wet liao..hehe
See, restaurant in thai they give more portion. At least 3 to 5 spoon fulls la. -> u see this, actual use blood mix with soup to make black kaler plus spices for taste. ok la.
See the actual boat noodle in thailand...
see, is actually MORE than ONE SPOON of kwoay teow!!!!
Boat Noodle of Malaysia, you go pei gwai teow laaaa....  PTUI!!!PTUI!!!PTUI!!!
Verdict:  Food portion too small, too EXPENSE! But taste wise not bad...flavourful with lots of herbs and spice can feels when touchness your tongue, plus you can add sugar, chili flakes, sour sos, and fish sos to make more oomph macam thai people.
Conclusion: NEVER COME BACK AGAIN... Taste once, taste them all. No want come kena pei gwai teow at night coz you eat like you no eated liddat. How to eat la! Might as well eat air!!!! This place i fakau off no come no more. Is confirm not for human eat (for ghost maybe).
Location: PJ JAYA ONE (you go google gps la)


Ivan said...

One reason they charge premium is due to higher cost incurred for washing, staff cost, .. it’s part of marketing strategic . However, will this kind of business model last long?

Malaysia Stock Talk said...

Not environmentally friendly at all, especially when Klang Valley is facing water shortage

IPTS Malaysia said...

Hygiene is important.

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