Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Real Hunger Games

Blogger Aaron .Ho said...
I think my mom is trying to tell me something when she share this post with me.

Anyways, great article!! The points are (though I would like it to be untrue) spot on.
As one of those spoilt brats who don't know any better, I would like to post a question to everyone here.

I've realized that most of the comments here are spoken from the parents' perspective. While finding the root of the problem and breaking the cycle is important, what would you guys suggest for those young graduates like us where "the damage is done" ?

Like one of the comment said, we are lacking the "hunger" because we were stuffed like no tomorrow by our parents/education/society.. How do we get back that "hunger" ?

It would be great if the author or anyone could offer some guidance for overfed kids like us on how to be hungry again. Perhaps an update is in order? (Doesn't sound like I am asking to be spoon-fed ?? Hahaha old habits die hard)
9:49 PM

First of all, kudos for your response, to be aware enough and having the guts to write in reply to the article are signs that you are OK. You may be "prividged" but you are centainly not damaged. I guess what your mom might be hinting is this:
- take up responsibility as your own man, as Russell Peters would say, "be a man". To be a man means to acknowledge your role, you are your parents child, make them proud. You may be someone's boyfriend/husband, make them proud. To make them proud, be the best that you can be, though thats easier said
- be responsible for your actions, inaction ... do not ascribe blame for your failures on others, your shortcomings on being dealt bad cards by fate .. take charge of your own life
- instead of asking your parents for help to buy a house (which is OK), first, try to do all that you can to do it on your own. Did you do that?
- being responsible for your own livelihood, think about your future 5, 10, 20 years down the road... how will you be when you get there? By what fate throws to you? Or do you determine your own destiny as far as you can. Do you sit around waiting for things to happen? Do you spend too much time doing things that will not make a shred of difference 5, 10 years down the road... clubbing, drinking, gossiping, too much time on the internet, playing computer games, etc...
- being responsible does not mean trying to just get rich .... it mean spending quality time when you are with your parents, friends ... think practical when it comes to your career progression, are you accumulating the right skills, do you network enough to gather the potential opportunities in life
- the hunger has to come from within, even when you have RM5m in your bank account, you must still have the hunger, the hunger to leave a legacy of some sorts, to leave the world a better place ... you can do that by being the better son or daughter, the better boyfriend/husband, the better friend ... 
- do not be wishy washy, do not procrastinate endlessly... be the person who starts things
- know your own worth as a person, there is only one person like you ... discard bad influences, discard negative people around you, stick with those who love you back or who will love you no matter what
- is this the best you can do, are you stagnating as a person, always do not be the know it all because we really don't know much after all

You can always find a "successful person" around you, why is he.she "successful"... they can balance things, career/ ... set your priorities right, learn to say "no" and learn to say "yes" to the right/wrong things.

Specifically in your career, try to think of issues from your boss' perspective, anticipate what is required to get things done, and just get things done with minimal complaints or excuses.


OwYang said...

My advice:

Get a low paying job, preferably in service sector such as restaurant. Understand how hard it is to earn minimum wage, or else, no amount of reading and quotes will change your mind.

Aaron .Ho said...

Hi Dali,

Thank you for taking your time to share your insights. This got me thinking on how I should really evaluate what I really want after graduating in the future. I will be sure to try my best in following your advice.
And thank you for your kind words at the beginning. Your encouragement was a breath of fresh air compared with the usual destructive bombardment by the older generations.

Aaron Ho

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