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Go Watch "We Are The Millers"

Markets were slow, hence bummed around the malls and the only reason I would even watch We Are The Millers was because of Jennifer Aniston. My expectations were sooo low, thinking it would be another romantic comedy, a regurgitation of the usual plots.

Barely 10 minutes in, I realised this was a M or Adults only movie. The dialogue is refreshingly real, just as normal people would use foul language here and there, appropriately. Its a very very funny movie. There are plenty of laugh out loud and long scenes as well.

A wonderfully surprising, entertaining movie. The entire cast was very good and funny, watch for Emma Roberts and Will Poulter, the two teens. The entire movie cast looked like an ex-Saturday Night life crew and there more hits than misses. You must also catch the closing credits with the bloopers, you will love it.


bruno said…
Last Friday,Aussie closed at .8900 and we were down 150 pics.At the blink of an eye,it is now at .9100.We decided to take the 50 pics profit and call it a day.
GL said…
Good call bruno...get out bit early this hr before another 40pips...anyway let's see if makes sense to pursue this pair further after tonite's news flow.....Dali, mind to share your experience as a full time you become one and life after becoming one...what sort of instruments/markets you normally trade...supposed so from your'bump around the malls'thingy...thanks n cheers
bruno said…
GL,I thought that 50 pics profit was a good deal,after being down 150 pics.And left 70 pics on the table for.We are not that greedy,you know.

But since 1/2 and 1 hr rsi are overbought,I am going short now at .9165 for some makan money.I am not greedy but so very hungry for that Kobe steak dinner which I missed so very very much.Good hunting.
bruno said…
I am out of the short Aussie trade at break even.Ten or twenty pics from here and I will go long.This market just want to go up.We should have stuck with our original plan of target .9350 or .9700.It is better late then never.
bruno said…
Aussie is coiling and ready to burst one way or the other.It is better to be conservative and wait for breakout of .9225 or .8960.Euro,Swissie and Cable is trading sideways and getting nowhere these last few days.

The stock market let the bulls do the heavy lifting.When the bulls get tired and their knees buckled and give way,then we will take over.
bruno said…
I just went long Aussie at .9145.
Stops at .8960.Will add at .9226.
bruno said…
Nothing seems to go right these last few trades.We seem to be always on the wrong side,so I just went flat the Aussie for 10 pics loss.Better to be safe than sorry.Have a nice weekend folks.

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