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Asset Class Returns As At 31 August 2013

August was a rough and tough month for the major asset classes, with one key exception: commodities. Now, why did commodities rose? I cannot pretend to know this. I guess there was a bastardisation of currency of any kind ... all papers are currency in one form or another, but commodities can be considered as hard assets. Temporary or start of fear mongering.

Whats more glaring were the REITs being hammered, US and foreign ... the rebalancing of yields is under way. In anticipation of higher interest rates, REIts which have stable yields and payouts may not be seen as that attractive. 

Emerging market stocks and bonds continued to have a horror year to date. 



bruno said…
Aussie at .9350 or .9700?

I just went short 1/2 of our regular position Aussie at .9265.Add 1/2 position at .9325.Will double up at .9500 if it ever gets up to here.Feel the pain stops at .9850.Remember,this trade is for counter trend and high risk traders.
bruno said…
I have just gone short the s&p at 1683 basis cash.
bruno said…
We had our Aussie filled at .9325 this afternoon.
bruno said…
Our Aussie shorts averaged .9295.It went as far as .9355 and ran into a brickwall,fell onto its back all the way down to .9230.It is now consolidating around the .9250-70 range.

I have moved the stops to breakeven,as another move above .9300 and it will be on the way higher.A drop below .9230 and .9180 and the bears will be mauling it all the way to the cleaners.Let us keep our fingers crossed.
bruno said…
Honestly speaking,I do not have the slightest clue which direction the Aussie will be heading the next few days.

Aussie did break .9230 in Asian trading,just by a few pics,but no sell stops were triggered.Or at least there were more buyers than sellers.So we will just take the 50 pics profit in hand,be happy and have a nice Kobe beef dinner for ten,courtesy from the bulls.Have a nice weekend folks.

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