Saturday, September 07, 2013

Teresa Teng Duets With Jay Chou

Amazing CGI, Jay Chou duets with Teresa Teng ... not your usual old clips video meshed on screen ... the CGI takes in her voice, nuances, body movements to recreate the hologram, which not only allowed Teresa to sing her old songs but also sings Jay's new song with him ... mesmerising. Go to link, the play button is on top right.


KKC said...

Awesome, simply Awesome ! Thanks Dali.

KKC said...

Awesome, simply awesome! Thanks Dali.

ck said...

My wife and I are both died hard fans of Teresa Teng, her sweet melody voice always captivating us.

It is a pity that she left us at the pinnacle of her career.

I couldn't help downloading it and play in big screen over a few times during last weekend.

Simply magnificent, much better than Princess Leia hologram in Star Wars, thanks.

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