Jess Lee Jia Wei's Album Finally Out

Jess Lee's album is finally out. Ar first there were gossips that the record company would be freezing her. But, OMG, the music video of her single was banned in Singapore and Malaysia, although you can still watch it at Red Box or Neway. Vierw it and you will know why, what a daring production, of course this is not Jess' idea I think, probably some smart marketing producer. If they ban you, it will go viral.

Or as some who has viewed it said: "This reminds me never to bang emo chicks".

Love the one word titles in English: "Suffering" and "Burn", well "Poll-Out" is also short enough. WTG girl!!!


Bonescythe said…
Off topic.. But putting Cica to understand Hibiscus can have 1 week of effects.. That is real cool brother. :) Good good...

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