Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Empire Strikes Back

Yea... finally can get my favourite coffee and macarons .... plus must eat at SERAI again, the food is very good, a bit Madam Kwan-but with a Malay bent, I love it.

Oh, for their reopening, ESG will give a RM10 ESG voucher for every RM50 spent at any ESG outlet!!! From 15th Nov till 18th Nov only!!!

Though I have not been paid by Empire Subang to write this, its easily my favourite shopping mall, small enough and fun enough ... and usually parking is not a problem UNLIKE at MidValley where the job is to look for somewhere to park illegally.

Anyway, made my way to town center today as I had a diabolical craving for my favourite chilli fish dish at Jalan Pudu. The place is manned by (or should I say womanned) two sisters, its right opposite Goggles Holdings building (not Google OK). I can eat one whole fish myself (meant for 2 or 3), its a river fish hence it has a mild muddy taste to it but the ginger, garlic and overdose of chilli makes it all worthwhile and highly addictive.

Look at the dish, it looks so unwelcoming but its very solid, be prepared to wait 40 minutes if you arrive before 12pm or after 1.30pm ... anything in between wait for 1 hour at least.


ronnie said...

The mild mud taste really takes some getting used to.

clearwater said...

Have not been to the place for years. Can't stand the long wait. They use cultured freshwater pond fish, probably inexpensive big head carp, which are algae feeders. The secret is in the chili sauce which masks the mud taste to some extent. It would be a sin to cook wild caught river fish this way.

Chen said...

Whenever i travel to K.L. i will most probably visit this ols restaurant..i like the cili fish a lot! my smooth the sauce and taste so satisfying! is the ginger and tau si black beans with lots of cili that make's the magic..worksssss

Roy said...

Until the explosion, I was frequenting The Empire 3-4 times a week. I have had many lunches and chats with many friends there. It was my favorite mall. Then, came the explosion. In this age and technology, it was really surprising that a gas leak could have gone undetected. Was there any safety valve, early gas leak detection system, etc? After the terrible incident, the Selangor MB himself and the Bomba promised thorough investigation. The public is still waiting for the explanation. Before stepping into The Empire, I need to be sure that the incident will not happen again. People need to know what went wrong and steps taken to avoid similar incident so that we can shop, have our lunches and coffee without worrying of another 'kaboom'.

Salvatore_Dali said...


i know wat u mean... its ok as mgmt has installed a new more expensive centrally controlled gas system, whereby the mains will close off after a certain time, taking out human error..

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