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Attitude - The Critical Factor In Being A Success

I was surfing the net and came across this exceptional episode of 60 Minutes where they spoke to people, well kids really, whose family had lost their homes to foreclosure, and unemployment benefits ran out, losing almost everything they have, ... and having to live in a truck or a car because many of the shelters are already full.

You do not need a subprime crisis to find homeless people, people whose livelihood had been so broken up by things that happen around them. If you had not tasted hardships, you may not truly appreciate the things and people you have around you.

What is most wonderful is the attitude shown by the two kids being interviewed. Brings tears to your eyes to know some had to suffer so young. However, it is exactly that kind of attitude that I am sure will bring them success - monetary, relationships and career - in the near future. If you have kids, do your kids have that kind of attitude? Or like some, they just shrivel up into a cocoon, and blame everything around them for causing the misery ... 

I am not much for positive thinking therapy or those -rah-rah rallies by super salesmen to motivate us to excel and achieve. I believe if you have the right attitude, you can climb yourself out of any rut. The attitude that you alone can change your destiny, that you alone can make things better for yourself and those around you, that you alone is enough to make sense of the world again, and that you do not have to be a super human being to do all that. Just accept what life is now, and mark out where you want to be, and pinpoint how you are going to get there.

No one is going to gloss over it all, it will be long suffering at times when we are down, but no amount of self-pity will do anyone any good.

If our kids had that kind of attitude exemplified by the two kids in 60 Minutes, you can die happy knowing that they will do well in life.


Implosion said…
I like this post. Children are resilient. I wonder why we load our children with "baggage" (expectations) they don't need.
office janitor said…
"Success is not that we never fail but that we are able to rise up each time we fall.." - Confucious
ronnie said…
The interview with the two kids at the end of the segment brought tears to my eyes.
soonyeah said…
Do you think this can happen in Malaysia?
Yoke Mui Sum said…
Really enjoyed the video and have forwarded it to some young relatives of mine. If they could be touched and changed by what they see, touche!
I went through life similar like what the kids went through. My dad passed away when I was 15 and he has only RM45 in his pocket. I went on to stay with my uncle and his family. I had a roof on my head but the abuse that I received from them was daily for the next 2 years and I usually contemplate suicide to get the problem solved. However, I moved into another aunt's house and completed my SPM and STPM, got a job and being sponsored to study in college by my workplace. I was bonded with the company and become self employed after that. People see that I'm successful now but life made me grew up quickly to face the world. Looking back, I might have easily be broken if I have taken the wrong path but God led me to the right path and I'm grateful for that. Amen. I hope the kids will grow up and learn all there is to learn about life.
Goh said…
this video makes me a stronger !
Goh said…
this makes me stronger ! thank u

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