Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2 Cellos

Bought tickets to Elton John late as I had already seen him twice but that was some 15-20 years ago. As the date drew closer, I saw his photo performing in Singapore and naturally he has aged, and I said to myself, "do you think you will catch him live again over the next 10 years ... how old would he be then?"

For someone whose career spans over 30 years, the audience will be made up of different groupings. There are those who loved him from day one and would appreciate his Madman Across The Water and Levon, or even Honky Cat. Then there are those who got in in the 80s with his Sacrifice, and then the last ten years or so with the Lion King. Hence there will be gaps in appreciation in his concert.

Still, he gave an earnest performance and you cannot begrudge his brilliance as a songwriter with everlasting tunes such as Your Song, Rocket Man, Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, Daniel, Candle In The Wind, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Crocodile Rock, Saturday Night's All Right ... so glad he did The Bitch Is Back (thought that was too risque). 

I can go one with songs he should have done: Island Girl, Don't Go Breaking My Heart, Empty Sky, and his brilliant instrumental Song For Guy ... but he could only do so much.

Anyway, he introduced the 2 Cellos as his opening act, and they were brilliant, have a listen.

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ronnie said...

KNM reported dismal results. You recommended shorting, if it was possible, when the share price was RM2.20 earlier this year.

Well done.


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