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Tokyo Rising Day 1 & 2

In Tokyo for now ... Pierre Gagnaire is a 2 Michelin star chef. Its pattserie is at the lobby.
Will be trying its degustation menu later on Saturday. Life is too short.
I must say, his tart was pretty mind blowing.

Days 1 and 2 at Tokyo ... had to rush back to Shinjuku Washington to get the Nagasaki beef .. the Manhattan Table serves very good Miyago Prefecture beeft and Nagasakui tenderloin. They are not your Kobe beef or wagyu beef type ... more like great OZ or NZ material, but much softer yet flavourful.

The yolky, chicken don at Roponggi.

The unexpected Shiseido Gallery building selling sweet stuff @ Ginza. Pretty good macarons.

TT Pierre Gagnier, the 2 Michelin star chef's pattiserie @ ANA Intercontinental Hotel.
Green tea and strawberry mousse.


Ivan said…
wah.. really pandai cari makan ..

how to enjoy a good meal with fall under "low-income-group" category?
jackie said…
aiyor, u make us jealous only lah,Dali
YeeLeng said…
Food looks excellent! I missed the Shiseido Gallery when I was there. The guide highly recommends the cheese cake.

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