Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tokyo Trip

I have tons of photos on my camera, my iPhone, my friend's iPhone ... its so hard to get organised. I could be posting for a few days straight on this trip alone. Not my first time to Japan, but it was well organised. Now that AirAsiaX flies to Haneda, there is no need to join a tour, just take a similar itinerary as below free and easy:

Day 1: Asakusa, Sensoji temple, the rows of traditional snacks cooked on the spot delicious, just remember that you should not be eating as you walk, stay in one corner and finish your snack. Walk around Asakusa and then drop by Ginza.

Day 2: Roam Roponggi, esp Roponggi Hills, a modern architecture marvel. Move to Shinjuku, take in the x-rated dvd shops. Drop by Harajuku on the weekend as well.

the sumo wall outside the kokugikan

robouchon, good stuff

the takanawa street @ harajuku, madness

Day 3: Full day tour to Mt Fuji, Lake Ashi cruise, and cable car ride up the mountain. Then get to take bullet train back.

Day 4: Spend whole day at Omotesando, forget about Ginza, this is very happening and fun. Must have lunch at Cafe Anniversaire, its brilliant and you will definitely get to see a wedding or two as the whole alley include a church setting for wedding events.

Day 5: Spend an afternoon watching sumo live, you will love it. My idol Asashoryu was recently fired for street fighting but the current yokozuna Hakuho is pretty good too. Great seats all around, can even see the cellulite on their ass.

Day 6: Shop at Shibuya. Catch a show at Blue Note Tokyo, unbelievably Christopher Cross was performing. If I was a week early it would have been Patty Austen, next week it would have been Earl Klugh. Brilliant.

There are other things you could do: Disneyland, take the 2 night stay at Mt Fuji/Hakone where you will get to enjoy traditional onsen with real hot springs, naked. You can take in the early sights at Tsukiji as well.

Try and splurge by going to a few 3 or 2 Michelin star restaurants such as Robouchon, Ryugin, Kanda, Koju ...

had to include this live abalone, the size of my palms, before the teppanyaki chef got to it ... yummm


Alvin 5 said...

great stuff, would certainly love to hear your comments on all the restaurants you've tried and the hotels or ryokans too.

Romeow said...

welcome back bro. didn't know u have a fetish for cellulite! did u try other abalones?

Wilson J Q Quah said...

OK the abalone looks so yummy, on a side note: AirAsia brings in more tourists than our tourism minister

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