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Mama, Don't Let Your Sons Grow Up To Be Scrabble Players

From Wall Street Journal:



Malaysia said…
This is a too simple way to look at it. But it doesn't factor in the time taken for the years of training and also investment in the equipments needed.
kl said…
Well, no one I know ever got seriously injured or crippled playing scrabble for hours on end. But riding a snorting, bucking, kicking, stomping bull for even a few seconds....that's a different story. Mama may prefer you stick to the scrabble board despite the poor payoff.
ronnie said…
Totally agree with you SD. Can't imagine the babes going for the scrabble player.
Wei Li said…
haha couldn't help laughing out loud when i saw scrabble at the bottom
elizabeth said…
I shld send this article to my nephew's parents!!!

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