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bonny b said…
You may like to note the amount of extraordinary profits hidden in their P&L, before calculating the operational profit per share. Look closely and see if I am wrong.
sk said…
I am a bit confuse here I remember they have already sold the Sabah Forest Industry (timber) therefore it is not a timber company any more? Correct me if I am wrong.
Salvatore_Dali said…

yes u r right ...


yes, u right as well

I have made corrections, I still like the stock though.
offstonee said…
At the current price of RM2.2 and anticipated special dividend 1.38,without any core business left.

I think it is no more undervalued.
bonny b said…
Against their gain on disposal of Silverstone, u may also like to offset compensation payments of RM128m for court judgement re SFIB.
solomon said…
William Cheng is one of the tycoon who honour his repayment despite of the 1997/98 crisis.

I am not sure unlocking of Silverstone might also end LFI towards into the Steel industries something like LIONDIV.

Unrelatedly, I am looking at the balance sheet RM400 million deposit, how come the CF statement only shows ending balance of RM65million leh?? Does it suggest they should set aside SFI RM364million as contigent liabilities?
Would it means that the winner could be the counterclaim party Dutaland instead?
bonny b said…
Final judgement on contingency re Dutaland had already been given. Expect qtr results to show soon.
solomon said…
Dear Bonny B,

Thanks, appreciate that. Just wondering why LFIB not treating this as contingent liabilities??
bonny b said…
The company may not be a real dog though. Watch their China ops. I believe contributions from there is growing at fast pace, and more investment may be planned there. Selling Silverstone may not be a bad choice if China provides better growth prospects.
MTH Investments said…
Hi, nice post and I have been looking at it. May I ask where to get their quarterly reports from bursa? Have only been able to get the annual ones.
MTH Investments said…
Sorry bt the previous msg.
I have found the quarterlys.
What I want to ask is, does the special dividends include the RM0.2 per share given in 2010?

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