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Scholarships For Performing School Leavers

Below are some sites which offer scholarship programs. Maybe the young ones will find them useful. Do pass on to your nephews and nieces.

MARA Scholarship Programs

Yayasan Proton Scholarship

PTPTN Education Loan

The Star Education Fund

Astro Scholarship Award

PETRONAS Education Scholarship Programs

2007 MNRB Scholarship Fund

OCBC Bank Scholarship

Bank Negara Scholarship

ABM 50th Merdeka Scholarship

Curtin Sarawak Scholarship

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus High Achievers

University College

Achiever Scholarships International (AASI)

University of Technology Scholarship

Darwin University Scholarship

Kolej Disted-Stamford Degree Scholarships

University Scholarships

Human Science Scholarships

MAAC Scholarship - La Trobe University 2006

NUS / Asean Undergraduate Scholarship

UCL Pathfinder Scholarships

of Sheffield

UTAR Scholarships

Nanyang Technological University Scholarship

Tasmanian International Scholarships

of Malaya
Fellowship Scheme

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
(KAUST Discovery

Universiti Malaysia Sabah

p/s photos: Aum Patcharapa Chaichua


Jimmy Tham said…
You might wanna add Australian Naitonal University (ANU) into the list.

ANU Alumni offers 2 full scholarship for eligible Malaysians every year (as far as I can remember the number has not changed)
vincent said…
My opinion has always been simple:

If you need a scholarship and you don't look hard enough or are not resourceful enough to go out there and find out who is offering one, then you probably don't deserve a scholarship and probably won't get one, no matter how many As you get.
Agree with you vincent. And many are too lazy to look for one. No effort = no opportunity at all.

Its not As that matter after college, its the way you communicate/interact/work together - soft skills, and knowledge/experience - technical skills.

Anyway, good effort by Dali.
Thank you.
chongwah said…
for those kampung boys who don't have too many resource (uni seniors or high educated persons around them) to 'enlighten' or guide them, it's almost impossible for them to be aware of a scholarship existence.

i was 1 of them.

appreciate your consolidation. will pass on...
see said…
Should add Bursa Malaysia
Lizhi said…
was thinking of refer your blog to my sis on the list of scholarship but your blog so many sexy photo i also paiseh =p
Salvatore_Dali said…

there is nothing to be embaressed about... there is no nudity,,, i am sure yr sis sees more explicit photos somewhere else.. why do we worry about how others see us??? as long as what you do is right in yr eyes... unless u think visiting my blog is sinister... if u think the photos make u want to sin... then move to middle east where all girls r covered up... fair enuff..
Horlic said…
You have plenty of choices if you have good result. If not then there is no option for you lo….

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