Do Not Miss This Mini Concert By Yudi

There will be a series of mini concerts which will be very popular (and probably fully booked within a couple of days) at my favorite live spot in town, No Black Tie. Yudi Yap who has made a name for herself singing yesteryear Chinese songs, will be performing on 4 nights. It will be refreshing to be see her singing accompanied by the very basic quartet, which should be different from the usual accompaniment by Chinese traditional music instrumentation. The setting at No Black Tie will make for a wonderfully intimate setting, I am waiting to be blown away by the solid acoustics.

Come and listen to the songs that your parents and grandparents fell in love listening to. It was a grand era of music and melodies that easily stood the test of time. To many, it was an age of decadence, an age of romance, a heady mix of violence, gangs, cabarets, beauty, extravagance and style.

Come and listen to Yudi's interpretations of classics by Zhou Xuan, Bai Guang, Li Xiang Lan, Ge Lan and many other Chinese divas of yore. Please make your reservations (03-21423737) early so that you won't be disappointed! To get directions to No Black Tie, click on link on the sidebar.

20/21 & 27/28 March 2009
Shanghai Jazz
No Black Tie
Yudi (v)
Cher Siang (p)
Salvador Guerzo (sax)
Vincent (b)
Rizal Soliano (d)
10.30pm RM35

To those nerds who would like a more scholastic write up on "The Rise & Generic Feature of Shanghai Popular Songs of the 1930s and 1940s", please go to:

and search for the above document.


Hedgehog said…
Dali, good musical taste!

Yudi Yap cut an album yet?
Hedgehog said…
Dali, good musical taste!

Yudi Yap cut an album yet?