Monday, March 09, 2009

Go See Marley & Me!!!

I was doing nothing on Sunday and wandered around Mid Valley early enough not to have to queue for tickets at the movies. Don't know what to watch, but hey, got Jennifer Aniston, how bad can it be!? Half expecting a romantic comedy, omg, so glad I didn't have a date. It was fun going two thirds of the movie, its funny, its a story about living and growing up with possibly the worst dog in the world, totally un-trainable. The last third, also the best bit, omg I haven't had to leak so much tears for gawd knows how long!!!

The final verdict, possibly the best movie I have seen for a very long time, and that includes Slumdog Millionaire, Ip Man and Red Cliff! Dog lovers will love it, non-dog lovers really should watch it, kids of all ages should watch it too - it dispenses things like responsibility, unconditional love, loyalty, stress, grieving, ...without being preachy or stuffing it down our throats. It is also pragmatically honest about the romance in marriage, the hard work in being a parent and the stress to balance what's important in life. All of that in a movie, quite unbelievable.

The movie was based closely on a real life journalist John Grogan's best selling book, Marley & Me, about life and love with the world's worst dog.

The movie is not a chick flick, its not overly melodramatic, does not attempt to squeeze the maximum sympathy or empathy by milking the tears, it is very honest. Its a feel good movie in the end with many funny bits, kids and teens will learn a lot from this movie. Funnily, a movie without sex, drugs or violence that entertains and educates without being preachy. Guys be prepared to bawl, ladies, don't wear make up. Enjoy. Movie of the year so far!

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Arn said...

wtf... seriously dude??

hmm, never expected this from you, so i must endeavour to catch it too...

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