Thursday, January 08, 2009

This Is Not What I Meant, You Idiots!!!

Why is religion almost always responsible for most wars and skirmishes? Where is the peace and love that are so fundamental to all religions? Where is the forgiveness, where is the other cheek, where is the thou shalt not kill ... I think if God were to return today, he would say "THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT, YOU IDIOTS!!!"

p/s cartoons and illustration by Brazilian artist, Carlos Latuff


Jasonred79 said...

You must realize something.

The mass media in Malaysia is VASTLY different from the mass media in USA.

We get entirely different content from them.

Over there, they have been told for YEARS about how palestinians have been harassing Israel with rocket launchers and missiles.

For us, it is being made to seem as if Israel is making these completely unprovoked assaults to conquer Palestine.

Prior to 2006, the number of Palestinian rocket attacks rarely reached 50 per month. By early 2008, Palestinian organizations displayed a capability of launching 50 rockets per day.

Israel is not that big a nation, in terms of land mass, BTW.

Imagine that Brunei or Singapore was launching 50 rockets a month in to Malaysia. Starting 8 years ago.

What do you think our leaders should do in this situation?


War sucks. It always does. But I think that you are seriously falling for Malaysian brainwashing and one-sided commentary here.

If Palestine was REALLY in that bad condition, they would have AGREED TO THE TERMS OF THE CEASEFIRE. There are no surrender demands, it is merely request for a ceasefire.

Of course, I am also possibly not looking at this carefully from both sides of the coin... some further research required here...

InsideOut said...

Thats the main reason why I have given up on religion - I am proud to be a pagan!

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