Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Most Counterfeited Products

1) Computer chips (piracy robs about $100bn of sales annually)

2) Footwear (annual loss of $12bn to piracy)

3) Apparel/clothing (annual loss $12bn to piracy)

4) Consumer electronics (in particular cell phones and batteries)

5) Handbags, wallets and backpacks

6) Watches (I love `em)

7) Pharamceuticals (now this is unconscionable). Pfizer's Viagra and Norvasc are the most popular fakes.

8) Sunglasses (people, sunglasses selling at below RM20 may do harm to your eyes)

9) Software (annual loss to piracy $34bn), most popular was Symantec Norton Anti Virus, followed by Adobe Acrobat

10) and making the tenth spot, the most counterfeited things are accents!

p/s but I think for a balanced view, we should also look at how many jobs have been created thanks to piracy (tongue in cheek)...

p/p/s photos: Kelly Lin


random said...

bah i absolutely abhor these accentric ppl with fake accents

Anonymous said...

I thought movies and music will top the list.

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