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Chiu Hok Yee, Finally

One of the very under-rated talent in TVB is Bondy Chiu Hok Yee. She plays good supporting roles but was never promoted as the lead actress. Her singing career was a stop-start thing, never fully promoted or marketed properly. She had a decent album in 2000, Slower Is Better. She has had a long break after really breaking her leg. Prior to that she did some good stuff in dramatic plays. Somehow the timing and confluence of things look right this time around. The new album was released on 10th December called "`ting". Its pretty exceptional. I have included 3 of her older songs on the imeen jukebox for sampling pleasure. Try and get this album before she becomes really successful.

Yesasia Editorial Description Of Album: Having changed her focus to acting with appearances in television shows and stage productions, singer Bondy Chiu has been absent from the Canto-pop scene in recent years. But now she's back with her most important project yet, a self-financed, independently produced album titled "Listen", her first non-compilation CD since INSIDE in 1999. Here, she covers 11 beloved Chinese pop songs with refreshing jazz arrangements, including "My Love Goodnight", originally sung by Sally Yeh (Track 2), "If It's Love" by Leon Lai (Track 9), "Kiss Goodbye" by Jacky Cheung (Track 10), and "Wish You Well" by Chilam Cheung (Track 11). Made with true music fans and audiophiles in mind, Bondy's album was recorded with a band of brilliant local musicians using high-standard instruments, and the limited first press version, manufactured in the UK, will be especially sought after.

動心演繹 聆的突破


01. 我可以抱你嗎
02. 長夜 My Love Goodnight
03. Be Your Love
04. 情深緣淺
05. 曾在你懷抱
06. 許願樹
07. 對一個人愛錯
08. 某月某夜
09. 如果這是情
10. 吻別
11. 祝君好

I believe this is her best move, Bondy being Bondy, will not find those commercial big backers. Hence she will not get good songwriters to write songs for her. I think her selection of doing popular songs over the last 20 years will showcase her voice well. Most of the songs has been reworked with a jazzy feel ala 2V1G. If you cannot find it in shops, you should try to get it on the net:


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