Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm In Love With Olivia

You will fall in love with her. Then hear her sing, and then you will fall even deeper in love. What a face plus a nice voice. She is Singaporean and just 23. She sings in English mainly but her Japanese is very good as well. Signed to a Japanese studio, she moved to Japan for her studies and her singing career and is now with a Japanese pop group Mirai. Now she has a few solo albums.


lktan said...

Have you listened to Aiza Sequera, a Filipino, with a equally good voice (if not better) than Olivia's.

lktan said...

Have you listened to Aiza Sequera? A Filipino with a great voice (if not better than Olivia).

Ivan said...

so young. .
so cute. .
so pretty..

nice look..
nice sing..
nice song...
nice voice..

we shall appreciate wat we have. .gambateh!

Salvatore_Dali said...


Yes I have, and her voice is better, there was another girl fm Philippines her name is Misa something... her songs selections were better even... but sigh... men like me are always shallow... looks are important even in music enjoyment... go figure..

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