Asia-Pacific Top Brands

Marketing Charts: Five of Asia’s top 10 brands are US-based companies, indicating the strong presence of US companies in the Asia-Pacific region, according to “Asia Pacific’s Top 1,000 Brands for 2008,” as determined by a TNS survey.

The survey, which expanded on previous years to include responses from consumers in a total of 10 markets in the region, presents an overview of the local and global brands that consumers think most highly of across sectors and geographies.

To determine the best brands in each of the product and service categories covered by the survey, participants were asked two questions:

  • When you think of [product / service / category], which is the ‘best’ brand that comes to your mind? By “best,” we mean the one that you trust the most or the one that has the best reputation in [product / service / category].
  • Apart from the brand that you have just mentioned, which brand do you consider to be the second-best brand in the [product / service / category]?

Some 3,600 people were interviewed, including for the first time consumers from Japan, Korea and Australia. Together with respondents from China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, they were drawn from TNS’s 6th dimension online access panels. The categories presented to each participant included alcohol and cigarettes; financial services; automotive; health; retail; food; beverages; electronic goods; media and telecommunications; and baby products, household products, toiletries and cosmetics.

p/s photos: Janet Hsieh (now there's the girl that I would marry immediately)


Tony said…
surprised that Toyota lose to Honda, McDonald to Starbucks and Panasonic to samsung.
Richard Cranium said…

Why? Because Jamie's already married?

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