Red Devils' Greats

Coming up with lists will always bring about disagreements. I have to qualify that I followed M.U. from the mid-70s till now, and hence my list of my favourite Red Devils will have to come from that period:

10 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
9 Peter Schmeichel
8 David Beckham

7 Cristiano Ronaldo

6 Gordon Hill
5 Norman Whiteside
4 Paul Scholes
3 Mark Hughes
2 Ryan Giggs
1 Eric Cantona

Once you have done a top ten list, you will find that you have no where to put in Wayne Rooney, Andy Cole, Lou Macari, Brian McClair, Bryan Robson, Rio Ferdinand ... Sigh... but I am sure I can squeeze in Rooney sometime later as he contributes more. Our list may differ, love to hear from Red Devil fans.

p/s photo: Asha Gill


shadowz said…
Hi.. shadowz here..

Can't agree more..All devil's r on their own class.. suddenly i think of few more like Mike Duxbury, Jesper Olsen.. they become big name during their time simply by became devil..

To me the most influential during their respective time being Bryan Robson n Eric Cantona..also Beckham
David said…
My all time best team

Peter schmeichel
Gary Neveille
Roy Keane
shadowz said…
Hi david..

Those are no doubt great players..but would be more proper to name as recent best team..dun mind just my 2 cents.. hehehe
adi said…
10. Roy Keane
9. Norman Whiteside
8. George Best
7. Gary Pallister
6. Van Nistelrooy
5. Bobby Charlton
4. Peter Schmeichel
3. Cristiano Ronaldo
2. Ryan Giggs
1. Eric Cantona (Ooh-aah... Cantona!)
Salvatore_Dali said…
shadowz - yea duxbury and olsen, reminds me of arthur albiston and gordon mcqueen as well, those were toilers as the club tried to regain greatness but u can see they had the spirit of the good guys... olsen is under-rated much like poborsky was under utilised.

david - i agee its a good team but its more present days team... i think time spent at the club is also important which kinda make evra and stam nearly there only... vidic though time spent is short but his impact is great, he will make the list if he continues the same vein for a few more years

adi - yes, if you go further back u have to include best and charlton, but dont have good access to all the games during that period only here n there, and the busby babes as well, hence i cannot say its an all time great list because of the important busby years. Your list is very good, good inclusion of bruce and pallister, esp pallister who can be relied upon as a backbone and still head in many goals from corners. Keano is the hard man and was a crucial backbone during the early PL years, his last few were a shadow of his best, just a step slower, thot he should have retired two years before he did but when u r getting 60,000 pounds a week, hard to say no when u have a short career. Ruud, Stam are very good but left in acrimonious ways, so a slight black mark. As for Beckham, he is the best crosser in the world, and him leaving was a black mark on Fergie not Becks, but Becks was destined for something more than football, hard to keep him there, would have the "poster/entertainment boy" effect on the team.
叶文诗 said…
i love roy keane, maybe that's why i love park too...

they both r hardworking and contribute all for teams...park may score or assist more if he get more supports :D

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