Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Terminologies Added To Asian Financial Lexicon

I was chatting with the usual bunch of piggy and doggy friends at Fusion Investor, and we were discussing the Vietnam effect. Somehow I managed to coin two new words for the Asian financial players. When you use the following new terms, please attribute appropriately (ahem):

Vietnami (~ tsunami) Definition: Stocks and market sentiment being caught up as collateral damage due to Vietnam's financial implosion.

Vietnamah (~ tnm, cantonese) Definition : When you are actually holding stocks directly impacted by Vietnam's financial implosion. For example, those still holding Gamuda, B Land, WCT, Scomi, Parkson, SP Setia.

photos: Deborah Priya Henry & Hebe/Selina (S.H.E.)

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