Saturday, March 29, 2008

Famous Lines & Lies

Language is a funny thing. It can be revealing when people don't intend for it to be. Let's look at some opening lines, they betray the speaker almost immediately.

"Trust me ... "
- You can bet that whatever the person will say following those two words cannot be trusted.

"I am not a racist but... " - You can be certain that what the speaker say next will be racist.

"I have nothing against gays... "
- Similar to the above, and what they say will show they are homophobic.

"I hear what you are saying ... "
- The speaker is not hearing what you have said but is dying to say something else.

Sometimes its the intonation and nuances which give them away. For example, a stock tip whispered in hushed tones to you is more likely to be useless.

"No offence .... "
- You can bet your bottom dollar that what the speaker says next will offend.

"Correct me if I am wrong..."
- Usually means the speaker is damn sure they are right and you are wrong.

"Let's talk ..." - Usually means the start of a not-too-happy conversation, and usually turns into a lecture.

"Hypothetically speaking... "
- Usually means the speaker is going to paint a scenario which will make you look bad or put you on a spot of bother.

p/s photo: Kavita Kaur


H said...

Hahahaha.. good one Dali.

Thanks :)

david said...

Hi Dali,

I have enjoyed your articles in the last several weeks when I started my daily perusal of your website.

I hope you can post something on water stocks especially Ranhill Utilities that seems to constantly underperformed the market despite a monopoly and a very good earning profile.




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