Creating A Shopping List

Everyone seems to have their own entry levels, it could be 1150, 1100, 1050 or even 1000. However, its never too early to start creating your own shopping list to be prepared when they actually fall to your desired levels. Naturally, the selection is based on the new political landscape. Here is my list:

The Ones Institutional Buyers Like


Public Bank







The Ones Whacked Down For Being In The Wrong Sector But Actually Having Decent Regional & International Business




The Ones Being Whacked Senseless & Having The Bad News Largely Discounted - For A Quick Trade

Tenaga (below RM6.00)

Commerz (below RM8.50)

Sime Darby (below RM9.00)

SP Setia (below RM3.40)

Gamuda (below RM2.30)

AirAsia (below RM1.10)

UEM World (below RM2.40)

p/s photo: Syafinaz


pureland said…
Mr S Dali

Thanks for your shopping list..why Sapuracrest and Parkson was in the list since their PE is trading at high side 15x - 20x.

Please do comment.
Thank you very much for your list.
Hope to learn from you.
Salvatore_Dali said…
there is a reason why a stock trades at high PER or low PER ... pls go to:
pureland said…
Thank you Mr Dali !
sam chong said…
Dear Dali,

what about palm oil stocks like ioi and klk? will you add in later... he he
Salvatore_Dali said…
in a correction, i dont think cpo stocks will be sold down much, so more value elsewhere... i still like cpo stocks but not for deep bargain hunting activity
Danny said…
Hi Mr Dali,
What do you think about Tebrau, seems johor are not so interrupted by the election, lots of adventagers for sounthern area right!! What do you think?
Salvatore_Dali said…
tebrau is ok i guess, just not my cup of tea anymore... the initial hurrah before anything was built or revealed was the high point... now the actual execution and building (which we are not known for) will not yield similar excitement
The Rock said…
Hi Dali,

Wrt SpSetia, what do you think is the level of risk of any projects delay due to the change of state govts in Selangor [Setia Alam is in Klang]?

And with economy slowing down, I supposed demand for mass market houses will be affected somewhat. What are your thoughts on this?

Wrt to SapCrest, the latest quarterly diluted EPS=1.97c. Am just trying to figure out what is the likely EPS for the next few quarters. Am wondering if anyone has done a forecast for Sapcrest? [in the past they actually lost money on the pipeline contract as it was a fixed cost one ; due to delays caused by bad weather it seems] A rough forecast is diluted EPS should be at least 8c[assuming flat QonQ performace]. Surely it can be more with Seadrill still buying last week.

The Rock
Salvatore_Dali said…
sp setia - though they r reputedly cosy with ruling elite... but they also produce very decent quality products, hence its actually not too bad

spacrest - just on the idea that u will be entering at 60% lower cost than Seadrill... plus what Sapcrest has are quite unique assets and Seadrill will be using Sapcrest for its SEA regional projects... hard to lose
Encik Wan said…
I think this environment is for traders with fast fingers. Read my comment at nexttrade
John said…
"sp setia - ... they also produce very decent quality products..."

I would disagree with that.

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