Readers should reread my postings on "Macro Predictions 2008" and "Assessing Bursa's Run-Up". The rally looks temporary. Any sign of wobbling, one should get out. This looks like it. I have submitted a detail article for this weekend's column in BizWeekly, which is a bit more bearish on all equities. I cannot publish it on the blog before it makes the paper. Just a warning note.

p/s the photo is funny but its more than that, in playing stocks, we all get xxxxed one way or another, that's the reality, we just have to make sure we are not at the very end of the queue, we all need to try not to be the last in the food chain ...


Jomaropol said…
With PPI, CPI and retail sales economic reports coming out the next two days, it will be a very very challenging hurdle for the whole world.
boomer said…
Hi Salvatore,
What's your opinion on MMC Corp's 1:1 bonus issue?
Plus long term prospects?

Much thanks
bantersy said…

The article is out!

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