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Ah "Chua", Somebody "Soiled" My "Leg"

These things happen every now and then, to celebrities and politicians, but in actuality, it happens to be just as common among commoners. As always, there will be disgruntled groups calling for the person to resign. C'mon, for what, because he didn't fuck you as well?... or because he did? What CSL did was reprehensible to his wife and kids - its a private matter.

If what he did was wrong, he would have been in jail already. Its not against the law. Its a private matter. Why do we hold politicians or celebrities as needing to have a "higher standard of professionalism or good conduct"? Because they are leaders or people look up to them? Big BS, we all have people to lead, we all have our family to lead and care for and set good examples, we also cannot let down our family and friends.

So, NO more double standard BS.
If its not against the law, its a private matter. Do not use your religious standards or moral standards to judge another person as to whether he is fit for office. Because if I cite the 10 commandments as a standard for asking CSL to resign, does it mean we can ask someone to resign if they eat beef or pork when they are neither Muslim or Hindu? That is imposing your morality on others. If something is deemed wrong, it should be made law. When it is not, and we think it should be, then do so, and UNTIL then leave CSL alone.

Just as Bill Clinton was messed up over what he did, Bill was still an effective leader, but at least CSL did not do it in his office la. Judge a job performance by the job specifications, not by unwritten rules. In any kind of relationship, when there are hidden expectations and unannounced standards of performance (including the marrying kind), you are holding a time bomb. If its not written down, its not law.

CSL at least had the grace and strength to admit, and then had the composure to let the party and people to decide his fate. Again, let the person be the first to throw stones ...
If you are still keen to get rid of CSL, then we should at least make an attempt to write down the hidden fuckups that will boot you out of office: having sex with someone other than your wife or wives; kicking a dog or a cat; wearing a toupee and lying to the people that its real; etc... you can never make up such lists. You can only go by what is wrong against the law, anything else is so vague and subjective.

p/s CSL, ok now I've done the job, so how about the secret to 56 minutes ... If you lose your job, well, you can always teach classes.


Steven said…
haha!, can't help when i saw the last paragraph... :)
i agree, it's none of our business... he's a great minister by the way.
General said…
Oh! He is the most idiotic and IQ depleted MP, so is Bill Clinton. It is Soi Lek's private matter to cheat on his wife and family. However, it is no longer a private matter as his actions has become public knowledge. He is a public servant and the public (you & me and my dog name Boo..) decides if he is smart enough to be our MP.

His actions proved that he is not intelligent enough, a.k.a. STUPID because he doesn't know how to cover his ass and keep his shits from hitting the spinning fan.

He is not the first to cheat on his wife and definitely he will not be the last man on earth to do that. But smart guys just know how to do it right.

I am not a saint and I can't just point fingers at him. But the fact is that, he does NOT have the brain (OTAK & IQ) to be my MP. I vote him out. Period. We don't need these shits to go around town.
Huang Shze Jiun said…

Having an affair is not the smartest thing for him to do, but he did not flaunt it, hell he didn't even tape it (so he claims). He is a somewhat victim here as well, though similar to Monicagate, the biggest victims here are his family.

The smart public should decide his evaluation based on his job performance.

I view that maintenance of public image is a part of his job so it cannot be totally said to be a private matter, but it should not be the totality of the evaluation.

Also the fact that he can still spawn a 2 disc spanning special edition dvd is amazing at his age though that is also irrelevant in his competence as a minster (though it does stand as a great testament to his physique, and he does walk the walk, since it proves his health is amazing. how many health ministers can boast the same level of health).
Jomaropol said…
It's definitely not a morality issue, though some may say it that. Thing is, CSL is not short of enemies. To put it mildly, the people in the healthcare industry definitely prefers his predecessor to him. And who are the people in the healthcare industry who thinks that way? Well, almost everybody, from the medical students to the doctors to the Hospitals, and EVEN the NGOs whom he blamed to be responsible for the Dengue issue years ago.

And that's only the people in the healthcare industry. What about those in MCA?
Roden said…
I think probably he is not kowtow enough but strong enough (have the ability and strenght to challenge his boss)and act tough against someone, piss somebody off. So someone decided to teach him a lesson. In year 2006, Johor have serious flood, he was there when people need help, where was others big brother? Clear annual leave and having holiday at oversea. He is a few good politician among Chinese politician. He definitely not stupid and not idiot....he does not need to throw his towel..he is doing pretty well in his workscope. In our country, we dun have such tradition to quit the position for the moral issue, let'see, "AP" issues, Government engineering project problems, submarine and fighter jet scandal, those MP involved still sleep well,eat well and have better life, all leave it to PM to decide their fate. Look at another way, even in the office politic, those most capable one would always be the one to be set up and kick out by his competitor, if he is not good or just another "yes" man in cabinet, he could always keep his job until retired. I salute his courage to admit this scandal and face the public. Someone said he is pubic person, he should step down for such scandal. Remember, he should step down if he were MP in UK, USA or Japan, because that is the culture there, he would have no choice. Whereas, Malaysia have no such culture and no MP would willing to cultivate such culture. You do this, then you are really stupid in such environment. I still hope he could stand firm and continue to make contribution to country and especially voice up for Chinese community. In BN camp, We dun have much Chinse politician dare to voice up for us.
Neoh said…
Dear Steven: 'great' minister?
I didn't know we have anybody qualify as 'great' in our cabinet? I don't have the privilege of watching the DVD, so maybe you meant literally :)

I would say he was an 'above-average' minister. His predecessor was...well, if I were to speak the truth, I would be liable for libel!
zentrader said…
LKY said money & sex will corrupt a country. Something like that :)
Neoh said…
I agree with SD that he didn't break any law. The persons who shot the pictures and distributed the DVDs are
the real criminals in this incident. But nobody seems to be interested to hunt them down.

I don't particularly like him, but I think he had done better than his predecessor. Looking at the current gene pools of politicians who can only count 'fits number' (angka-sawan), I speculate that his successor would not be better, unfortunately for us :(
rask3 said…

Hmm.......what can one say? Anyone knows the name of the hotel where the rendezvous took place? I won't consider that hotel for my next fling, lol.

I know that some Chinese tycoons have second wives and even mistresses. Robert Kuok has a second wife, and no one considers him to be immoral and rightly so. So there is really no necessity to cheat or work up a sweat to see your paramour when you could just get hitched up. Of course you will then be responsible for her upkeep and I'm sure CSL could afford that.

E A Faisal said…
He's an idiot. If he's smart, he wouldn't get caught in the first place. This simply proof he's not fit for the job (i.e. not being smart enough).
Salvatore_Dali said…
It seems that some would equate being caught as the bigger "crime", or being stupid... If someone or a group is out to dig dirt on you, do you think you can avoid being detected? I doubt that the dvd is made out of curiosity or by pure petty perverts, do you? There has to be involved planning, eye in the sky stuff ...

Though I would instantly dismiss 99% of all conspiracy theories, this one smacks of deep seated planning out to discredit and dismiss CSL. Its unfortunate cos among the group of inefficient and largely yes-men in politics, CSL was a breath of fresh air. I am not saying he was great, but he was certainly pushing the boundaries to achieve certain things for the people.

A victory for the useless, bootlicking aholes.
Long said…
I agree with you that a man credibility shouldn't be affected by his private life. But this is the world today.

I think for some posts, which require public image, ones should take care of his/her private life because that's where he/she gain respect indirectly. It's ok to sleep with the girl other than his wife is one thing, but to be caught it in full-action video is another. Bill Clinton was involved in a scandal, but had he been caught in the tape with pants down, he would not be acceptable in the cabinet (don't you think? it's about pride!). Paul Wolfowitz stepped down majorly (or partly) because of the scandal he had with his companion as well. So these kinda thing does matter @.@

Having an affair could be a charm or mystery, but to be caught PANTS DOWN in video, I'd say it's a shame. Not the law fault, just the social perspectives, not only for asians, but for the white as well. If you want to play the games, you have to follow the rules.

p/s: 54mins, after all he is HEALTH MINISTER!! dont play play...
zentrader said…
Keep our street as "clean" as the City Country will help to improve our living standard.

In old China time what MR Sex do will be enough to put both of them into the "Pig Basket." :)
Chico said…
Let me see, is there such a word 'clean politician'? I bet everyone especially politicians has some dirty little secret. On what moral high ground are you judging him? Look, his wife and kids has forgiven him and they are the most affected party. Why wade in into a family matter. On the matter of being stupid, I agree with S Dali. If they are out to get you, do u think you stand a chance? Are you telling me you won't do anything stupid? If it happens to you and people start calling you stupid how would you feel? If you think you are smarter than him, why don't you go and try to be a minister? It is easy to comment on the outside but I can assure you, you would feel different when in it. After all, we can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?
From his speeches you could have detected there is some deep seated conspiracy. Why bring out these matters when election is so close. or when their new headquarters is nearly complete. Suggestion for certain parties not to disrupt his family after he quit suggests outside influence.
On the other hand, he is stupid he didnt do the Malaysian way of being thick skinned and hung on to his post instead of doing the honorable way of quitting. Maybe he could have taken a vacation and come back few weeks later and people would forget the matter like Port Klang.
In this matter, questions should have been asked who made the video. Why is not the authencity of the tape verified. Why not force the maker of the tape to come forward? Royal Commission anyone?

From this matter you can see in Malaysia there is 2 ways of doing things, it just depends on whether you want to preserve or dispose that person.

The question I am begging to ask is who benefits the most by removing him?

If people like him are not smart to be MP, then God help us all cos the dewan would be empty. At anyone time he is better than most MP's I have known. Well at least i see him more often and he does things for people...which is much more than I can say for my wakil rakyat.

Scandal aside, his work has been better than most politicians. By removing a good worker, all thats left in the government is dead wood and yes man. Welcome to Malaysia, where by being a yesman keeps you alive, dare to be different gets you booted or imprisoned.

Oh, Negara-ku!
ccdev said…
i dont know about celebrities, but when you're a public figure, a leader of people (of sorts), there is a higher standard of behaviour put upon that person by society(i guess that's why they dont get drunk and say "f**k" in public). I'm not saying i wouldnt do it if i were in his position but simple fact is the good Dr got his hand stuck in the cookie jar. If we get caught, got to stand trial by the wife. With him, it was the public. He may have been a good man, even a good politician but I'm sure he knew the risk when he unzipped his pants (or when she unzipped his pants). And there's nothing that says you need to be "smart" to be a minister. Maybe a willingness to smile, socialize and be nice (when u dont mean it), hug babies and stick knifes in other people's back.
zentrader said…
"When a prince's personal conduct is correct, his government is effective without the issuing of orders. If his personal conduct is not correct, he may issue orders, but they will not be followed." (Confucius)

The core of Confucianism is the idea of benevolence, or kindness. According to Confucius, one becomes benevolent by following a set of guidelines (rules) of acceptable behavior. Through the practice of these rituals (repetitive acts), one can learn to become a better person and lead a good life. Confucius believed the world would be harmonious if individuals were kind and respectful in five basic relationships: father and son, husband and wife, elder brother and younger brother, elder friend and younger friend, and emperor and subject.

No wonder LKY likes to tell funny joke on us. :(
ub said…
>>p/s: 54mins, after all he is HEALTH MINISTER!! dont play play...

"Rakyat Sihat, Negara Maju"

Not surprising, by virtue of position he probably has easy access to stocks of Viagra...
John said…
Oral sex is an offence under Section 377(a) of the Penal Code.

A law HAS been broken.
Salvatore_Dali said…

if that law was enforced properly, we don't have enough prison cells ..
John said…
The point being....

don't u think there are other politicians having a extra-marital affairs? Why have they not resigned?

it's like saying, hey...if all politicians having extra-marital affairs were to resign, we wouldn't have enough cabinet ministers.

But I do get your point, it is a stupid law.
Huang Shze Jiun said…
Hiya john,

I know Malaysian courts are not bound by singaporean case decisions however they are persuasive and it should be noted that Singaporean cases have established that heterosexual fellatio is exempted if indulged in as foreplay which eventually leads to coitus. The Singaporean margin note further explains that mere penetration of the penis into the anus or mouth even without orgasm would constitute the offence. The law applies regardless of the act being consensual between both parties and done in private.

So it can be argued that no law was broken, stupid or otherwise, provided the above is applicable (i have no seen the dvd so no idea if it applies or not).
lsblmllms said…
Einstein is known for his genius mind, Newton for his extraordinary mind, Bill Gates his brilliant mind, Clinton a dirty mind, Mahathir a master mind... Badawi NEVER MIND! VELU, ALL MINE!!!(root of Hindraf grouses). Latest, I LOST MT MIND when she lift her legs, CSL.

On Badawi, He is doing well in a feudalistic Malay politics environment, as opposed Mahathir autocracy.
sunnyday said…
if someone has been robbed, can we say that person is stupid enough to be robbed?

if the law has been changed recently where oral sex and anal intercourse with consent has been permitted in downunder lion state, does one think our law is inferior since references has ben made to the great man like LKY.

many Rich tycoon have mistresses, ministers have girl friend but not exposed, does that mean that so long as you are not exposed you are a good man and great minister?

if a person needs "milk" to keep him sexually healthy and de-stressed but the cow at home somehow is medically unable to produce "milk" , but the cow does'nt mind the man drinking "milk" outside so long as he did'nt steal or rob people's milk and so long as he did'nt bring anther cow home to disturb the harmony at home, is'nt that a better arrangement . A healthy person naturally endowed with strong sexual libido needs an outlet, for certain religion one can marry a few , but if one chooses not to change his religion, is their a way out other than DIY in the toilet?

Do you sincerely believe ALL our leaders do not have sex outside their marriage?

do you think a low IQ person can passed their MBBS degree? Careless may be.

All said and done the best comment so far is the one by Isblmllms , so never mind la!

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