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The Best Instant Noodles The way the markets are headed, I thought it might be timely to feature my favourite instant noodles: some of us may be eating these for some time. Numero uno, beating the shit out of all has to be Ibumie's Har Mee. Friends from overseas having tasted the Har Mee buy packet-loads home with them. Don't worry, those not residing in Malaysia can order them from for instant delivery. Its the soup base, forget about the noodles, in fact get your own noodles, it will be even better. You know they have thought seriously about the product because they have 5 sachets of chilli oil, fried shallots, soup mix, spice and soy mix. The soup is damn close to the best prawn mee soup in Penang. Slice a hard boiled egg, some freshly boiled prawns and bean sprouts and you have 90% of the real stuff.

Next is the wonderful HK brand of Noodle King by Sun Shun Fuk Foods. The lobster flavour is number one, followed by the scallops and then the abalone & chicken flavour. The soup base is very Cantonese, but the noodles is very good. Its still springy after boiling.


bOcyOGL said…
Yes I tried Noodle King in Uk, is its really good (the soup). Seems to produce less wax than other instant noodles.
bantersy said…
So Dali,

Question is how do you prepare instant noodle? The cooking process.

I am curious to see your method. haa...
TT said… closed down. You can find a lot of Malaysian food on another site

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