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Passing Commentary

Media / Hillary - Why is it that the media often put up "ugly" photos of Hillary, why the bias? I don't see other candidates being portrayed in a negative manner. Is it because the media is largely still male-dominated? The fact that she is now a likely candidate may be scaring these editorial teams who are actually fearful of having a woman leader? I thought journalism attracts those with integrity, but apparently not. This is not American Idol, its not a popularity contest. Where are your journalism ethics?

Hillary / Obama - Frankly I hope one of them will be the next President, we need a Democrat President. We need change. Change at its very core. You cannot have a more definitive change, in either having an African American or a woman at the helm, amalgamate the two you have Oprah Winfrey .... one step at a time, they say. The rise of younger voters should ensure that either Hillary or Obama once nominated, should win. The whole world needs a change in US Presidency, we need new blood to mend the global fences, thanks to the destructive decisions by Bush and Cheney.

2 Party System Lesson
- Seeing how politics are being played out in Australia, the US and UK, even in Japan should make us realise that Malaysia and many other countries desperately need a two-party system. Be it Liberal or Labour, Democrats or Republicans, we just need two strong party. If not, the population basically DO NOT HAVE AN ALTERNATIVE. In 2 party system, there will always be self-imposed check and balance because there is another party at the wings. In Malaysia, we need another party looking like Barisan /UMNO but is not Barisan/Umno. The Keadilan camp is just accomodating too many differing interests thus alienating many on the opposing ranks. Forget NEP or religion for the time being. Create a real alternative on the platform of no-corruption and bringing up the livelihood of the poor, all the poor, no distinction. Enhance the independence of ACA, the judiciary, the Treasury and central bank. Promote small government.

- I pity the guy. He has been thrown into the fireplace very early in his tenure as Fed chairman. If you watch him answering the questions on TV, he needs to improve his delivery substantially. His voice quavers and brings a sense of uncertainty in what he wants to say. I am sure he is better than that. Paulson is much better. When Bush speaks, I am sure all the handlers are crossing their fingers that he does not say something stupid and inappropriate - alas, he opened his mouth in the end.


kee leong said…
Obama is an opportunist. He changes his stance on Iraq when Hilary has not. Iraq may NOT be pleasant for the Americans, but a US president needs to do things that he/she feels is good for the nation (of course it may be bad for other nations) and he/she should NOT be a quitter.
andyckw said…
I strongly agree on 2 party polotical system. More independency on every institute especially government related. I was truly disappointed with the comments by former Gerakan President Keng Yaik on rising inflation in the country is beyond government control. Just curious why it should rely on Barisan influenced BNM on monetary issues.

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