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Final Words On Petrochina

waited for nirvana, came and gone... people now trying to do bottom fishing do so at their peril .... the fat is gone, its a normal trading stock now, not the chosen one anymore

take yr time to pick up cnooc, buy on weakness, but should start accumulating

petro-h shares whacked and disfigured as many punted on the h-shares ... expect h-shares to regain at least some of the discount back end of the day and tomorrow

shenhua, a similar industry leader now trades at 60% of A-share, petrochin-h is now only at 45%, expect it to at least go to 55%, you do the math, so trade on your own risk threshold


simon_alibaba said…

I think HSI needed a pause which is a good thing to do for our christmas shopping.We are thinking of TM for after spit value, Eden for impending announcement on Bakun project & Mycom pending JV with Foreign Real Estate Co.

What is your comment on our choices?
WeeChean said…
Hi there,

Wrote to you a while back on PMCap.

I humbly think that the HSI may have already seen its peak for 2007. Wen's comments during the weekend did send chills down the spinal chord though he's reportedly in a dilemma making those comments.

Since you're summing up your take on 0857, let me give you a big hand on this smart initiation just like what other readers did.

Have a good day.
WeeChean said…
Hi again,

It was an eventful day for HSI. Anyway, easing 2500 pts in two consecutive trading days wasn't really a very big concern. Just a correction after all. People just needed a reason to let go so the impact from the premier's message was manipulatedly magnified.
solomon said…
The whole picture if one stand behind and see, it is a battle behind the scene between the hedge fund (so called hot money) and the Authorities? The depreciation of USD had led to the speculation that the HKD peg is loosening.

If HSI continue the downfall today, I think one could expect the V shape rebound very soon. I don't think the Authorities wanted this to occur. But to fend off some of this hot money, they are required cool the equities mkt.

I anticipate a strong and volatile recovery today. At local front, I am a bit surprise no support was seen at some stocks even though the UMNO General Assembly is around the corner. Well, have faith, I think the Bakun project beneficiary like Eden and Ekran could be good for a think.

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