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Best Dim Sum Place

Markets are so boring, no stock to look at, let's talk food. Being Cantonese and all, finding really good dim sum places is really difficult. In fact the better ones can be found, of all places, in Sydney! That's due to the wave of migration from HK in the 90s to Australia. Many good chefs came as part of that wave ahead of 97 then.

When I visit HK, the standard for dim sum is very high indeed. However, my all time favourite dish when eating there was this very simple "see yau wong cheong fun". Its like chue cheong fun here but thicker and its tossed with superior soya, its all in the soya I guess. The simple dish cost HK$30 at the dim sum place in New World Hotel, Kowloon and I always go back there every time I'm in HK.

Back to dim sum in Malaysia. Unfortunately, my favourite place cannot be found in KL, its Ming Court (or Ming Kok in Cantonese when asking for directions driving around in Ipoh). The spread is as in the photo, everything is just very good or unbelievably good. Some of the older diehards will opt for Fohsan as their best place, but I think that's more due to loyalty and longevity reasons. Fair is fair, Ming Kok wins easily. Get the woo-kok, char siew pau, century egg/lean meat porridge, black sesame soup dessert, egg tart and baked siew pau!!!


try klang palace @ 1st floor centro klang.....
CK said…
In ipoh, do try Yok Fook Mun dim sum , same row as Alisan Express Bus office(row of shophouse behind excelsior hotel).Equally good as fohsan or ming court :)
fklitrader said…
Hi Dali

The article really make me hungry!
JunK said…

I'm not Ipoh ppl, but I was brought by a friend to Ipoh, merely to try out the famous Yoke Foo Mun dim sum.

No doubt, it tastes much much better than the one in KL/PJ.

I also learnt something there. Their tea is charged at per person basis. One pot of tea for a single person is RM4 (just an assumption). But, the same pot of tea for 2 persons will cost you RM8!

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