Friday, August 03, 2007

The Happiest Dads In The World

Mr Davis should be the happiest dad in the world. His 9 year old son, Rhain Davis, has been signed by Manchester United to join the U-10 squad at MU. Usually MU will recruit for their youth squads 8 years and above but never from as far as Australia. Rhain is based in Brisbane, has a British passport and an England-based grandad. And its the grandad who sent the video to MU.

The senior Davises will be counting the "deals" appearing on their doorsteps for endorsements, etc... omg, the retirement fund is here already. Just go to youtube and search for Rhain Davis, you will be amazed that a 9 year old can do that! Or just click on link below:

1 comment:

Long said...

Eye brow raised when reading your article. But feel UNBELIEVABLE after watching the clip. This guy really rocks. The next zidane in the making in MU camp :)

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