Thursday, August 23, 2007


A regular reader and contributor under the nick of doraidd emailed me a couple of days ago to tell me that he has bought a book for me to read and placed it with Kinokuniya KLCC. That was a big surprise and a pleasant one. Thanks once again!

After grabbing the freebie, I was caught by the untimely heavy rain around KLCC. It was as if a guy who hasn't peed the whole day, lasting nearly an hour. Nothing doing, but to read the book. Finished the first 25 pages and enjoyed it thoroughly. Funny, and while its supposed to be about the misuse and abuse of derivatives, it has a lot of local flavour such as the Asian 97 crisis.

The book is written by a true expert in derivatives, Satyajit Das, titled TRADERS, GUNS & MONEY. Mr Das has worked for Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Citicorp, Merrill Lynch and the TNT Group. Though I have not finished reading the book, the first 25 pages is a hoot already.

Thanks again doraidd...

p/s ARKs - acts of random kindness; ARGS - acts of random generosity of spirit

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