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Betting On A Rebound At 1,200

You can monitor and monitor your stocks, and they keep getting whacked. Put them aside and don't look at them. For those with still some capital left and itching for a kicker on rebound around 1,200 - the simple list is for you to monitor and pick from:

(warrant px / premium / effective gearing / expiry)

Great Leverage, A+ Fundamentals, Low Premium

AMMB-CA 0.09 / 3% / 6.0x / 11 Oct 2007

KL Kepong-CD 0.06 / 19% / 8x / 17 Jan 2008 ~

Public Bank-CD 0.055 / 15% / 7.5x / 4 Apr 2008 ~

Great Leverage, B Fundamentals, Low Premium

Air Asia-CA 0.075 / 9% / 9.0x / 19 Oct 2007

CCCC-C1 0.165 / -10% / 18x / 31 Jan 2008

Tenaga-CF 0.075 / 15% / 7x / 4 April 2008

YTL-CD 0.05 / 25% / 5.5x / 2 Jan 2008

Really Specky, High Stakes Gamblers Only

Bursa-CD 0.025 / 22% / 7x / 12 Oct 2007

Commerz-CD 0.025 / 27% / 7x / 16 Nov 2007

Maybank-CD 0.015 / 15% / 16x / 14 Sep 2007

Genting-CD 0.015 / 20% / 7x / 28 Sep 2007

Resorts-CB 0.09 / 4% / 7x / 20 Sep 2007

Tenaga-CE 0.015 / 20% / 12x / 2 Oct 2007

YTL-CC 0.035 / 12% / 9x / 2 Oct 2007

~ stand out great buys

p/s this is not buy call or a bullish call, its for those who think the mkts are close to bottoming, so as to get a narrowed down list


seems a currency crisis is looming in the background now....the 1200 fortress nor 1100 or 1000 cant withstand this unpatriotic missile. Confidence crisis next. Everyone's jumping into the panic station now.
david said…
how can not look?

the price keep falling like there is no tomorrow.

i'm still holding on with the hope, the hope it can at least recover slightly, not much, just slightly to minimize the lost.

Arrrgggg... sien.

Its not about fundamentals or technical now. Its all about human fear and emotion.

edwin said…
my question to dalli would be, where are you putting you own money in?
xatomic said…
Looks like Morgan Stanley is right (your post in July)...the bearish view that they had on widening spreads and financial stocks that would bear the biggest impact..
Salvatore_Dali said…
xatomic, funny about the timing, i actually posted the morgan stanley thingee again ... just
The Great Game said…
Any thoughts on the possibility that GoM would step in and prop up the stock market (at least until the looming election)?
xatomic said…
yeah..i was quite surprised when i finished posting this and saw your post next..i was thinking geez this man is REAL FAST to respond! :)
Salvatore_Dali said…
malaysian gov to step in,... it doesn't pay to go against a global trend, and 1200 is not that bad a level... we are not talking about a 30% bloodbath here
The Great Game said…
Yup Xatomic, Dali is real damn fast in responding. Btw, I heard that BNM has already been propping up the RM since last week.
Salvatore_Dali said…
its normal for BNM to prop up the ringgit, lending further weight that the bulk of the selling was the unwinding of yen carry trade as they have take the ringgit to buyback yen
caryn said…
ammb-ca is still in the list of must have during this turmoil. i have this at 0.2 as well as 0.15, can i still go in at 0.09 and hopefully before expiry can recover all my capital? how do one convert these to mother shares?
Salvatore_Dali said…

i believe these are mark to market covered, meaning you don't get to convert but get the diff if it trades above the ex px on settlement date, if below then it goes to zero... the stock is good when the covered was at 20 sen, in fact the stock did jump 15% higher in btw, but it has been drgging its feet so much, took too long to move the mother share that the time value has evaporated faster han the rise in share price .. if u have already, i would not advise to buy more but rather be prepared to sell at least 15-20 days before expiry whether the whole thing works out or not, closer to expiry it will drop very fast to zero if mkt stays weak.
sopskysalat said…

KLK-CW08 at 10.5c. Mother at $13.2.

Great highlight during the turmoil esp. on the H-shares warrants.

Looking at KLK, the premium has lower to 13.25% while the gearing has gone up. We have 2.5 mths before the expiry. Looking at the buy calls on KLK, it does not seem much upside from current level on the mother. Any insight from you? I just wonder how do you guage a buy unless you think the CPO will push KLK shares futher.


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