Tuesday, July 10, 2007

CTOS, No Sympathy

There are two camps on the witch hunting into CTOS. Those who have no sympathy that they are in trouble with the authorities. The second camp are family, relatives and friends of the people at CTOS. Why so miserable-one?

There are certain businesses you don't want to be in for a variety of reasons. You may not want to start a brothel for moral reasons and that it degrades women folk (unless the brothel is a gender-less one, then you degrade everyone.) Some may not want to go into fengshui or fortune telling, as it may be 80% gift of gab (white lies) and 20% of some semblance of logic.

Playing the stock market, some investors would never choose to short the futures even ahead of predictable calamity, or in the face of calamity, or when markets are all plunging rapidly - because to them, sometimes you don't want to be making money when people's lives are being decimated.

Certainly in all the above, one can still venture into those areas and try to make money, but you won't have sympathy from others when you get in trouble. CTOS is a lot like that. Though it supposedly provides financial status information per se, it basically makes life harder for those who are already facing an uphill battle. Be it in late in servicing car payments, or getting your car confiscated already only to find bank account also frozen, then having to fight bankruptcy proceedings, at the same time cannot open new bank accounts which your new employer requested - CTOS provides an essential service which makes life very hard for those in financial distress already. CTOS has also been very arrogrant, look at the way the company frames its press release - sue-lah... yes the govenment will squash you if you act like a gangster. CTOS has also been blase` about updating records of people who have cleared their liabilities - some more have to go tell them, if not your record stays.

Its very much like finding yourself in front of the gates of Hell with Satan demanding upfront rent money to enter. I mean, you are in Hell already, some more have to pay to get in!?

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