Astro On-Demand?? NOT!

The person responsible for coming up with the name On-Demand ought to be sacked. The superiors above the person responsible ought to be sacked as well. Because, and I assume all are graduates here, apparently nobody at Astro understand what "On Demand" is. The channel 931 onwards are supposed to broadcast at the same time the series is being released in HK. Well, its On-Demand, provided you demand it at the advertised time only!

On-Demand is NOT A NEW THING. If you had stayed in some hotels over the past few years, you can access Video On-Demand as some places. It really means I come back at 11pm, take a bath and order the movie I want, and it starts to play from the beginning within 3 minutes -
that is on demand.

I wouldn't want to make a big fuss about it but the amount of advertorial in papers and through out all Astro channels kinda grinds on me nerves. Please rename the channel/concept, call it Astro Simulcast or Astro LiveLink, even these two suggestions off the top of my head are a lot better than a lie. On-Demand is a lie... its like TGV calling their movie theaters On-Demand movie theaters: yes, its on-demand provided you want to watch at 6.45pm, 9.00pm or 10.45pm??!!


zentrader said…
I agree too. The name is misleading. It should be something like Astro None-Stop Replay etc. Anyway the movie content is good one. :)

BTW, is it true that at one time Lim Kim Siew quietly collecting alot of Genting shares in open market ...?
xatomic said…
On demand has been IBM's core punch line
Long said…
I have some comment here. On-demand is actually a "standard terms" for this sort of "extra chargable service" for cable tv provider. Just like Time-Warner cable, Direct-tv in US, they always used the word "On-Demand". I think astro adopted the concept.
Salvatore_Dali said…

you can choose a term and define it your own way but that doesn't make it right ... what do you call that channel which astro actually can supply the program you want when you demand them?? Its available, the technology is there but its not cost effective thats all. A lot of hotels have video on demand, and we all know what that is ... its FALSE ADVERTISING and SLOPPINESS
bOcyOGL said…
now the radio advert says you can watch any episode any time u want..
Long said…
Well, I agree with you, I didn't mean it is right. Explaining the reason doesn't mean agreeing with it. In fact, I am just sick with all these marketing gimmicks nowadays. It's a sad fact that these companies even trying to "Standardize" these sorts of gimmicks. After all, we are living in a mis-leading advertising world. :(