Monday, June 18, 2007

Stocks In Vogue

Market sentiment has improved somewhat and oil & gas stocks are leading the charge. Surprising coincidence that Ranhill is the top volume stock when there is a big oil & gas conference about town. Top volume game in guessing the worth of the oil find, your guess is as good as mine - not my cup of tea.

Eden - Correct sector, power. Wrong client, not Genting. Should be divesting the poorly performing food business. Moulding itself into a power player. Good prospects and upside.

Sapuracrest - Top pick from oil & gas. More upside likely.

Mycom & Olympia - Avoid like H5N1. Not out of trouble, don't be dragged through the mud.

UEM World - Consolidated looking good to retest the RM4.30 level.

Sime Darby - A big re-rating in the works. Break out likely soon.

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TK said...

Concise & straight to the point.

Thank you very much.


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