Friday, June 22, 2007

Lift Your Spirits

There was a big hit show in the UK called Britain's Got Talent. It has unassuming people from all walks of life auditioning to a live audience. The final winner was a mobile phone sales guy called Paul Potts. You would never pick him for someone who looks like an entertainer. He has below average looks, a bit chubby, lack self-confidence and certainly does not look the part. Click on the youtube video on his audition, watch the judges faces when he says he was going to sing opera. Paul will lift your spirits to the heavens. A most unlikely thing will happen. Talent surpasses all things superficial. The best aria sung to perfection by the most unlikely guy. Tears will flow and they are good tears.

Besides Paul, the candidate who will also lift your spirits effortlessly is Connie Talbot (also competed in the same show). She is 6 and she is heavenly. She picked the right song for an angel to sing. A song of hope from a voice of innocence and purity. Her voice is effortless and ethereal. Some things are just beyond dreams!

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The Mumbling Priest said...

If I didn't see the visuals, I'd have thought it was sung by one of the great tenors... Nessun Dorma & Potts rocks!


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