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Some Quick Comments On Certain Stocks

DNP - OK, gone way past what I would be comfy with. NTA around RM2.00, even a generous RNAV would make current price of RM3.00 tough to stomach. New project launches may excite but land bank insufficient for now to be a complete long term property player. Privatisation, maybe, as I think they have accumulated way past 75% already. Danger of price collapsing quite low then. Upside also quite limited, even with a privatisation bid. Better stocks elsewhere.

YTL - Exercise not over. Delicate and sometimes obtruse collection strategy. As with owner's philosophy, hard to make money from his stocks, gotta buy and hold. Can hold, OK.

Transmile - RK and Pos seem to have reached a range for collection RM5.50-RM6.80. So, not much excitement now as the restructuring and rebuilding will take years. Hence, the stock is unlikely to go higher than the stated range for the medium term. Look elsewhere.

Bandaraya - Did highlight the stock, but past the RM2.50 level already. Just like DNP, upside limited. Look elsewhere.

Overall, local investors have still shied away from the current markets. The bull is not so convincing. Despite all markets holding well while China markets tumble, it does not add much momentum, that's a worry. Chances are better for a downtrend for immediate future.


boyplunger said…
UOB FV DNP at RM4.30. Painting a strong story via Wing Tai on them.
Salvatore_Dali said…
fair enough... i highlighted the stock at 1.45 a few weeks back... went way past my assessed fair value... some money r not worth making vis a vis the risk
fab said… glad I listen to your deductions & reasonings on DNP & bought some.Currently do you find any stocks worth looking into..that we can buy in when there is opportunity?
Salvatore_Dali said…
there are but very speculative, thats why I havent been highlighting many ... however, a good one to buy and keep is SIME DARBY-CA ... institutional collection is very keen and if market does not tumble, mother share should go to RM11 easy, good returns on the covered, and should not take very long, 1-6 weeks outlook.
fab said…
Mr. Dali..Thx. Have also bought into Epic when you highlighted it. Like your style of picking to smell value way ahead of everybody & doing it nice & easy.No hurry..

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