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Best Smokes 2006/2007

I genuinely love cigars. Been smoking them for nearly 20 years. Its not a luxury thing like owning a Porsche. If you really enjoy cigars, you enjoy them in times of solitude and calm, usually by yourself or with similar minded friends. People who brandish cigars all around town are smoking for the wrong reasons. Friends who are pure cigar smokers tend to be healthier, don't ask me to justify. Inhalation is limited and I think its very destressing. The world moves on by slower, you reflect, the aroma envelopes you and your mind, triggering good feelings all around. Cigars should be enjoyed with pure water or an iced tea, anything stronger will compete attention for your taste buds. I know good cigars from bad ones, but a bad cigar is still better than none, I say any day. A tip for girlfriends or male friends wanting to buy cigars for their smoker friend - don't just buy one stick, its just not done that way. I have come across this 'one stick' incidence so many times. Yes, its the thought that counts, but not one stick, its like buying half a lipstick or giving one sock as a present. Cigars are meant to be shared. A good cigar should come in a box or at least 4-6 sticks so that the smoker can share with some friends or smoke the same cigar a few times. Just the way it is. Cigars are not cheap, so if its one stick or none, always select none at all.
As cigars vary in smokability depending on the year of release, I have chosen to highlight the best Cuban smokes I 've had in 2006/2007:

Top - Montecristo, Edmundos

Middle - Ramon Allones, SmallClubs

Bottom - Por Larranaga, Petit Coronas


DanielXX said…
Uncle Salvatore,
Your interests are certainly many and varied! :-)
Salvatore_Dali said…

pls do not call me uncle, it will scare away the pyt's... i'm not that old, i started smoking in my first year in the job market. Guess you muct be a smoker as well. I find that thecoronas and petits are better made in recent times. The double c's and torpoedos are either a bit inconsistent or presents a harsher smoke. I think the incessant drive to instill more complexity and aromas into the cigar has led to this end result.

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