Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sack The Turf Club Committee Members Please!

Barely a month after the launch of live telecast of racing to the homes of Telelink account holders through ASTRO channel 501, the simulcasts have been severely curtailed. The telecasts began in early September, one year after a planned launch was aborted in 2005. Telelink account holders could watch races from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau "live" in the comfort of their homes. However, no "live" odds and dividends were displayed. On the final week of September, telecast of Hong Kong and Macau ceased with no reason being given by the broadcaster.

Then even the Selangor Turf Club races were cancelled from being broadcasted at the last minute. Now, it is learnt that the three Malaysian turf clubs have withdrawn permission for the live telecasts after suffering huge losses of revenue from gates, parking and rental of corporate boxes in the three weeks of the telecasts. Earlier, the Selangor, Perak and Penang turf clubs have granted ASTRO permission to telecast the races for a one-year trial period. Apparently, after a lot of hoo-hah, the HK, Macau and Selangor races will NOT be shown on Channel 501. Perak, Penang and Singapore races will be shown live.

Is this astute management by the turf club managers and committee members? If all turf clubs took that view, racing would have been severely curtailed in UK, US, HK, Singapore and Australia. Are turf clubs supposed to be profitable?? Are they in to promote racing or racing only in turf clubs?? Are you guys promoting racing and raising the standards, or just minding the club's business?? You guys should have been sacked way, way back... the cronyism, collusions, wink-wink,... sigh... too much already man... stop being a-holes, please!


Rohan_888 said...

Dont forget, this is flip-flop boleh country where the small Napoleons rule, anything goes!

I thought that putting races on the tv would make them more attractive, would increase the turnover in the official totes, and thus increase the revenue for the turfclubs?

Salvatore_Dali said...


if the totalisator board is also run by the committee members, then of course its diff... the TB is under Pan Malaysian Pools/Usaha Tegas/Tanjong. Tanjong never complained when they have been making RM15-30m losses a year running the TB cos the gov did not help them pass through new legislations, allowing them to operate branches and broadcasting live tv. Now the gov hurdle is over, and the mothur fucking committee members of the clubs are acting like aholes... you guys need a cushy place to call home, where everyone calls you boss, where u can lord it over everyone, and pick up every perk and freebie!!?? Asses of the committee, wake up, the world has changed, no more corrupt assholes...ok!

Moola said...

Hey Sal,

A horsie fan, huh?

The mess in the turf club is really incredible. And when you put Tanjong mess in their tropical island into perspective, it really makes one dumfounded that they could so petty about things like this.

Happy holidays dude.

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