Thursday, October 05, 2006

All Time High / 6 Year High
So What

The Malaysian bourse seems to be just catching up to the highs being registered by Dow Jones, Hang Seng, etc... For all Malaysian dealers and remisiers, stop for a moment and ponder, this is a 6 year high and just look at the market activity, look at your take home pay... does it feel like a 6 year high??? When your market is at a 6 year high and you are still not taking friends and families out for dinner and stuffs, ... can you imagine what it will be like if its not at any kind of highs?? The Bursa and Finance Ministry must take a lot responsibility for the capital markets road map we have taken for the past few years. In all probablity, we have adequate people at the top, but even more obvious is probably the people we have are not good enough. Anyone with the political will to do something??? !! Sometimes, its not enough to have average employees, especially when the stakes are so high. The secondary institutions deemed to be responsible would be Khazanah and EPU. The right people at the top will make the right things to happen. Right now, we are basically going with the flow, not making inroads in things that really matter.

When our markets are just playing catching up, it also helps to mask our problems. Currently, no one at the these institutions (or high level politicians) admit much is wrong. Going after GLCs is just maybe 10%-20% of our problems. Sigh.... why is blog writing so depressing... and I am being optimistic here.


doraiddd said...

hi dali,

chief agent provacateur is in town down south.

For a limited time only.

Not that any of us can afford one, not even at a six year high.

Perhaps maybe Tan Sri Chua can, after the recent cash out and even then, only a minor piece.

Salvatore_Dali said...


lol... ty for highlighting "my" exhibition... as u know i cannot use his actual name which is Salvador Dali, as that has been taken by someone else, so its Salvatore... Anyways, the works in Singapore are some of his poorer pieces. I love his surrealism, its like painting dreams and nightmares. I love his various depiction of Jesus, the atomic cross ... the various brilliant exploding heads...

I did sell authentic lithographs of Dali working part time when I was studying in Sydney. Even his lithos were selling for A$1,500-3,000 framed per piece. They were numbered and signed but its like 3,000 or 5,000 pieces... and the shop owner bought them for just A$300-500. But the best selling item was his not well known The Wailing Wall... but Jews were coming in and buying them like cupcakes (yup, quite a number of rich Jewish people in Sydney).

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