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1945 - Isn't That A War Game?

Of course I am refering to the 19% and 45% bumiputra share of economic wealth debate. The government's estimate is of course the lower figure. The ASLI report basically questioned the methodology of the government in coming up with their figure. Naturally, this kind of thing is as significant as finding out that Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat were actual Chinese gangsters (hint... hint..).

In my opinion, the government and UMNO cannot just come out and the ASLI report is rubbish, where is the evidence??!! Malaysians are not stupid. People who refute without any explanation are just "dying chickens kicking the rice pot cover". I am not even going to bother to get both sides to fully explain their methodology YET, ... I would like the government to give the people their course of action should "certain figures" come out. That's because the NEP was continued based on the 19%.

So, say the government and respective bodies agree on an independent globally recognised team of experts in methodology (I know, that is very unlikely to happen), what I would like to know is what the government will do if the eventual figure is:
a) 15%
b) 19%
c) 30%
d) 40%
e) 45%

For each of the eventual figure, there must be a course of action to be taken, right??!! If the government does not even know what the course of action will be for each of these figures, WHY BOTHER arguing over the figure. That's because even if we can get proper independent verification, of say a 35%, the government can still end up doing tai-chi (i.e. nothing).

The questions won't die down, the Chinese and Indian coalition parties may not be saying much but it is certainly dicey and this is the time for Badawi to show his political will, political integrity and be the bigger person to revolutionise the history of the country ... and somebody please... please .. shut KJ up.


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