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Cooking With Dali - Kick Ass Corned Beef Hash

I am constantly amazed when I order anything corned beef hash, they usually end up as disappointing. This is my kick ass version.

Cut up two onions and three potatoes. The potatoes should not be too diced up as it would turn mushy easily - they should be bite size and I always leave the skin on.

Sweat the onions and cook them with the potatoes so as to partially precook the latter. 

Sweating the onions mean some oil, medium to low heat to soften the onions. Its done when they are near translucent and soft but not too soft.Sprinkle a half teaspoon of sea salt and one teaspoon of coarse black pepper.

Take a can of corned beef, any brand will do but definitely not those from China ... and none of those pre-seasoned corned beef, just a normal can will do.

Use half a block of very good quality salted butter. Melt it and mix with the beef. Keep it at medium heat, stirring every 30 seconds.

 You need to see the colour change from red plum till its nearly very dark brown. Most cooks do not cook the corned beef long enough. To me, to get the best taste, you need it to be relative well over cooked and almost dry consistency.

Mix in the onions and potatoes and stir well, switch off the heat and drizzle some good truffle oil and you are good to go.

A half boiled egg can be cracked ... optional.







solomon said…
Use US potatoes.

Some japanese soya sauce will add some kick to the beef.
clk said…
thanks, I usually add green peas and add an egg last and fry together as a variation
Sammy said…
Very fatty dish. I would omit the butter n dry out the corned beef as it has beef fat and brine, I love it crispy. Ha!ha!

Also I fry dry chillies and add them to the corned beef to give that kick!

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