The Nation Owes You, Mr. Karpal Singh

He need not have any of those honorific titles in front of his name but his name garners more respect from most Malaysians. Easily Malaysia's best criminal and constitutional lawyer. His motivations in life, a stout defender of human rights and an unwavering advocate for justice.

We Malaysians, sometimes pooh-pooh or are a bit blase over activists/opposition politicians and the roles they play. We are guilty of basking in the light of of their sacrifice and hard work, without so much as thanking them or being grateful. 

Warriors and defenders of our justice system make it "harder" for injustice to prevail, they may not succeed all the time, but we need them to be there so that we have hope for a better present and certainly a brighter tomorrow for our younger Malaysians.

When we sit in the shade ... we must acknowledge and thank the person holding up the umbrella for us tirelessly.


RIP Cornelius Selvam Vellu (Michael) , loyal and devoted personal aide to YB Karpal Singh.



solomon said…
You can rest well now Warrior....but the job is still not finished...alas sometimes we do not know why the Above decided please watch after us from Above
dreamer said…
bruno said…
I remember Karpal Singh very well.He was a fighter for the cause he believed in till the end.May he rest in peace.
Russ said…
Mr. Karpal Singh's tragic demise jolted me, numbing and of profound sadness... followed by immediate flashes of the poor, Anwar without a counsel of unimpeachable moral integrity, his comrades losing a loyalist and everyone of us who badly want a better Malaysia.

We've lost the Best Legal Eagle in the history of the nation. A true fighter against injustice. He is irreplaceble.

Look intently at the photo ( uploaded by Malaysiakini ) of him seated in the wheelchair giving a rousing political speech under the umbrella, in the pouring rain to the ordinary Malaysians from the voiceless to the poor to the rich of all races.

It evokes strong emotions of his love for his family and us, Malaysians regardless of race.

I think he has enjoyed the devotion and pride from his children and his lovely wife and his personal aide. Malaysians will remember him and his comrades with unfailing gratitude !

Wait for more tributes from young Malaysians abroad to flow in...
MNg Ng said…
To the late Mr Karpal Singh, I am saddened by your sudden, tragic death. I was following the sedition charges on you from overseas and I was heartened by your courage and strength of character. All my years of growing up in Malaysia, as a STPM student ploughing through tons of newspapers on social, economic and political issues , I was drawn, albeit with little understanding then, by your precepts and courage as an opposition voice. Today...I remember a dictum, sine timore et gratis ( "without fear or favour" in Latin) -- Sir, it embodies you and what you stood for (i.e. justice, equality, a voice for the defenceless, the poor and those who are/were oppressed).

There will not be another Tiger of Jelutong. You are irreplaceable.

Requiescat in pace (R.I.P) Sir.
CEH said…
Thank you Dali for digging out the Youtube interview by CNN.
ck said…
Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage, Mr. Karpal Singh has the courage to defend those who sought justice disregarding the opponent status. Though you have left us in a sudden, your legacies will live on.

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