Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why US Election Matters - Why Global Investors Keep Looking To United States For Guidance

I am sure some will say, look into your own backyard when it comes to politics. Well, the average Malaysian is intimately involved and knowledgeable about our local politics. We are swimming against a huge tide but we know where we are and we can possibly see the light at the end of the tunnel (I hope).

But why bother about US election? I have always maintained that the US government is so well structured, with sufficient checks and balances that it is very hard for an idiot President to ruin the country... e.g. two terms of George W Bush would testify to that. But somehow, the thought of Trump being POTUS is quite unbearable - its like sending one of the privileged Kims (from North Korea) to head Unicef.

But to even consider that he could have enough nominations by the delegates is a major point of contention. How can an average person vote for him? That would indicate that there are sufficient rednecks, racists, with IQs below 90 around ... and thats scary. 

Are we suddenly back in 1901???

It now looks like a forgone conclusion that Trump will get the Republican nod. Thankfully Hilary will get the Democratic nod. Thankfully many of the Democrats who sided with Sanders will eventually vote for Clinton. Thankfully there are a substantive number of Republicans who got out voted in the primaries who will vote for Clinton so that Trump does not get in. 

To get an idea of the "value" Trump brings ... even Putin endorses him. What gives? Next thing you know Kim junior of North Korea will also endorse him.

Obama's election saw a huge turnout by blacks which helped him substantially. Trump has offended so many, blacks may still turn up but not as much as for Obama (mind you Obama will be campaigning too for Clinton) ... all minorities will turn out in droves to vote against Trump. Spanish speakers dominate many states, its just that plenty of them are not aligned to any party officially to make a dent in the delegates.

Why is POTUS important? Read below. But more, how is Trump going to deal with other world issues with his "summarise the arguments in two sentences" and just pick an option and go with it strategy. His proposed solutions are populist leaning, racist, over generalised opinions that border on stupidity ... 


Thats the first thing you learn when you step into an investment career, but do we know why. I mean, we know its big, but just how big? This map shows clearly why. It dissects out the states of the United States and correspond that to a country with the similar GDP for that state. 

Its an incredible map as it puts into perspective just how important that entire economy is ... its like over 50 countries .... That may partially explain why most Americans do not travel much, they have most of what they need there. For us, we may need to travel for business, but for them traveling within a few states there is like making business contacts with a few countries.

We also give Americans a hard time when we find out how few actually travel outside of America ... but just trying to cover a few states is already like covering a few countries, and each of the states are actually quite different in their make up and essence.


James Fernandez said...

Trump gonna win, the voter turn out is always low or moderate, until President Obama because the blacks finally decided to vote for a black man.

Quote: "Voter turnout dipped from 62.3 percent of eligible citizens voting in 2008 to an estimated 57.5 in 2012. That figure was also below the 60.4 level of the 2004 election but higher than the 54.2 percent turnout in the 2000 election."

That leaves 30%++ fence seater, red necks, old people, and many more eligible voters that Trump can capture, which I believe he will.

If it is Trump vs Clinton, Trump will win. Trump can only lose to Sanders. Clinton doesn't have skeleton in his closet, she has a graveyard. She received so much Wall Street money, Trump can literally shoot her down, maybe Trump have evidence of his own lobbying done via Clinton - recorded?

I am willing to bet Trump will win. Americans are tired of Wall Street sponsored politicians, plus, to them, it is Wall Street vs Trump. Truth is, Trump is no different.

Fung C.F. said...

Agree that the US Presidential Election does matter. POTUS is the de factor leader of the WORLD. Imagine that you are a Kedahan, you'd be worried if Ahmad Maslan is standing a good chance to become the next Selangor MB, right?

Donald Trump is a marketer. He's good in attracting sales, whether he can deliver the goods or not is totally another independent matter.

This explains everything:

It's not hard to understand why Putin endorses Trump. He will definitely get the most from it.

bruno said...

Trump or Clinton?

Trump calls Mexicans rapist and criminals.He wants to ban Muslims from entering the US of A,the land of the free.He talks about a lady reporter's monthly meeting with nature(period),because he does not like the tough questions she asked him in a debate.He even refused to participate in the next Fox debate unless this lady reporter(Megan Kelly)is not among the panel.Fox asked the "Donald Trump" to fuck off.And the cowardly "duck" was MIA.He was insulted and humilated by the press and public for being a cowardly skunk the next day.

A couple of weeks ago,"The Donald Trump" showed up in another Fox debate,with Megan present.He looks very awkward,and was not like his old self,confident and aggressive.He wasn't attacking,making fun or calling names about his opponents,that night.Have you guys who have been following the US primaries,notice that many politicians,Republicans and Democrats alike have been referring to "The Donald Trump" instead of Donald Trump.It is as if they are referring to a "political pariah".

The US of A,had always being referred to as the leader of the free world.How can we accept a dude,who practice's "BIGOTRY" to be the leader of free world."The Donald Trump",if he is the nominee of the Republican party,will get "Trumped" in the GE.

Hillary Clinton is primed and ready,and is the right candidate for president this coming 2016 US GE.With many Republicans ready to "dumped" "The Donald Trump",Hillary Clinton will definitely win by a landslide.I think that even before polls in the states under the "PT" zone is close,the GE will be over.You guys better believe it.

bruno said...

Although this past Tuesday,"The Donald Trump" managed to win four of the past five states.But his chances of getting to the magical number of 1237 is diminishing as the days go by.The anti "The Donald Trump" campaign is gaining stream,and the Republican establishment is trying to deny him the nomination if he did not get the numbers and select somebody else.And yesterday,"The Donald Trump" threatened riots if he is deny the nomination.But party rules are party rules,and "The Donald Trump" has to follow the party rules.Unless he is another creature from another planet.

solomon said...

Replublican win, oil price will shoot up. Democratic leads mean healthcare stock will march on

panaceaasia said...

The media criticizes and ridicules politicians in the US and the free world. Trump is possibly the punching bag of the majority of the media.

Why can't The Donald go on the offensive?

Ellen Connel said...

Concur that the US Presidential Election does make a difference. POTUS is the de component pioneer of the WORLD. Envision that you are a Kedahan, you'd be concerned if Ahmad Maslan is standing a decent opportunity to end up the following Selangor MB, correct.

Donald Trump is an advertiser. He's great in pulling in deals, whether he can convey the merchandise or not is absolutely another free matter. I am like wise a trader and I used trade with the stock picks provided by Multi Management & Future Solutions Malaysia

Jindal Bullion Limited said...

I agree with your thought. And definitely US Presidential Election does matter on everything.Jindal Bullion

Hossain said...

No, James!Trump will not win but Hillary. Please read the detail article on this issue on myfinance blog which I wrote after Brexit..

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